Top Ten Stupidest Beliefs About the Earth / Solar System as of the 21st Century

This is a list tells people beliefs about the Earth and Solar system as of today. Some of these beliefs are those about what you believe so if I offended you I am sorry. Read all my comments for reasons why I know people believe in these beliefs about the Earth and Solar System. Have a look at the list about the Earth and Solar system as of today. Some of these believes are believes about what you belive so if I offended you I am sorry.Have a look at the list

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1 People saying scientist fake outer space and there is no such thing

Do people not wonder where satellites stay? Where do the Sun and other celestial objects reside if there is no outer space? The Moon is not in the Earth's atmosphere. Clearly people who think outer space is fake have no common sense. - 1dogissky

This may be a really strange thought (and I'm not saying it's true at all. Not even a little bit. Just a passing thought :]), but what if life itself is just an illusion? Do we really know what life is? We just gave it a word. There are theories in quantum physics that state that maybe nothing really exists at all. What if this entire life you're living is all in your head? - Psychedelic207012

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2 People believing that you could fall of the earth and there is military people who block the parts of the earth and doesn't allow people to pass or they will shoot or arrest you

There is a friend I have who actually think this for reading a bible that is called the Earth is flat something like that - Blear

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3 People believing in the apocalyptic events

Search it up and look at how many there are no one knows at all when the world will end - Blear

4 People believing the sun will kill us by each year coming closer

No the sun does come closer but, not all the time there are some hot or warm Summer's so if you look a the tempoters of each summer there very steady and we believe the sun is going to kill us by coming closer to is well sorry to tell y'all people and a few scientist everything was place the way they were and if the sun literally moved to us there will be a Big Bang or something so yeah there is more of a chance the Big Bang can kill us then the sun, but the Big Bang will just make life again because the Big Bang is using the things that created life a just exploding it to little peices so in a zillion years when the other Big Bang comes humans will feel the same size because everything shortened but our outer space will be smaller then others - Blear

What you just wrote is completely false. We have summers because the Northern/Southern hemisphere is tilted towards the sun. And the sun doesn't "come closer". It expands into a red giant that will engulf the planet in about 4.5 billion years. So there will be no "big bang" as you put it.

I'm such a nerd. - IronSabbathPriest

No, you also put in your comment that the sun moves closer to Earth. - IronSabbathPriest

5 People believing if you fly really high you can see God

This is not true if you fly really high you will just be flying higher in space humans or anything could pass the outer space and if we do will just be going around in circles back to planet earth - Blear

6 People believing that life will end by life getting low populated by the bad people who will kill to shorten it until there is no more humans and a new life without the human species
7 People believing that the universe will just shut down and be closed forever and life won't be reborn

Example : some one turning of the plug in the T.V. it won't be turned on until tommorow exsept in this case forever. That's sounds scary - Blear

8 People believing we'll always stay on this planet

No millions of people believe something will happens and I believe it to so I think this is a stupid believe - Blear

9 People believing that humans will one day end from harsh weather
10 People believing they know how the world will end

No you don't that is something that will take along time so long once we find out the human race won't exsist anymore - Blear

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11 People believing we are slaves in this world by an evil alien god
12 People who think the earth is the center of the galaxy

This is like old 14th century stuff.

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