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21 Matt Uses The Diamond Power Of Veto To Evict Kathy - Big Brother 12

In truth, he really had no other options. Brendon was HOH, Regan had the veto, and Lane was already nominated. His only options were Kathy, Hayden, Enzo, and Britney. He was still with the Brigade and was close with Britney, so staying loyal to all these deals, Kathy was truly his only option. The only other one being if he nominated Hayden or Enzo and blew up the Brigade. But with so many variables who knows how that would've turned out. - Jaa2

22 Frank keeps Dan after he would have been evicted - Big Brother 14

But what Dan told Frank that Ian Shane and Brittany would work together was true, and he also knows Danielle would have been there as well, meaning Frank has to win out either way, in which case this move is irrelevant for him only helping Dan. Also Dan would have likely stuck with Frank if Jenn won HOH so isn't a terrible move.

That was stupid by not getting the best player ever out who wanted to get him out

Wow Frank. Everyone knows not to trust Dan, and not to get Mama the' mad

And the next week frank goes home and dan wins the HOH

23 Davonne wins Last Laugh and decides to cancel Jeff, Jackie, & Becky votes and not use it on Clay,J ohn, James - Big Brother 17

Not really a stupid move, the'vonne was obviously trying to hide the fact that she won the last laugh plus I'm pretty sure no matter who she cancelled she would have been evicted to be honest

Not dumb she never was gonna get those three votes and she didn't want people to know she had it if she had stayed

I don't call this a stupid move because she would have probably been evicted no matter who she canceled.

If her vote is not influenced by the producers this move makes no sense. Clay and John were clearly on the HoHs side of the house this week. Whereas Jeff, Jackie, and Beckys vote could have been bought with future promises and/or alliances.

24 Paul backdoors Da'Vonne - Big Brother 18

Not stupid because he only did what the house wanted him to do and he won't lose votes because the knows that Bridgette was his target. If he didn't do that he would've been evicted. *note victor did win the next HOH but he didn't know that. Paulie told him to do that and he believed everything Paulie said.

This was one of the smartest moves of the season.

The'Vonne wasn't the biggest target in the house. She didn't win any comps that season. If I was Paul, I would have backdoored a stronger competitor like Corey.

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25 Ryan evicts Sheila in the final 3 - Big Brother 9
26 Paulie doesn't use the POV on Zakiyah

It wouldn't have shocked anyone had he, not to mention his alliance was crumbling regardless of his decision.

27 Jessie tries to get Amanda out too early - Season 15

She was safe the whole time and what ruined her game is her noisy mouth

28 The house evicts Shelli over Vanessa - Big Brother 17

All because Shelli took a sweatshirt from James.

It wasn't long after that I quit this season. Every week was the same, with Vanessa slipping through the cracks.

I am shocked. Shelli isn't as big as a target as Vanessa. Very stupid.

Dumbest move in that season for sure.

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29 Chilltown Doesn't Get Rid of Janelle at the Final 8 (Season 7)
30 Janelle puts up Diane instead of Will - Season 7
31 Nicole evicts Michelle over Paul - Season 18

I AM WATCHING THIS EPISODE RIGHT NOW! I was just about to put this on here! And Nicole just handed her $500,000 to Paul! And Nicole, that was not a strategic move.

How is it a dumb move? Michelle in the final 2 would have had the votes of the, Z and Bridgette, 3 out of 4 jurors already. Also, if Paul was evicted, in the following HoH it would have been Corey against Meech James Nat and Victor. So this is NOT a dumb move.

It was actually a good move, maybe the only good move Nicole made. And that is because if Paul goes Michelle, James, and Natalie have an alliance that outnumbers Nicole and Corey, and a pissed off challenge beast that is Victor is now likely gunning for them. Michelle was going after her, but didn't do it because she had CO HOH with Natalie not HOH and Natalie convinced her to chill out.

Lmao, if she chose paul over michelle, victor would've gotten her out, to be honest. and michelle has been TRYING to get nicole out this entire time, she also has some jury votes, plus, michelle has won a comp before, and with less people, she probably could win another one.
although it would be a good oppurtunity to send paul home since he's a good player, I think she'd rather not have michelle and victor coming after her, especially since natalie didn't actually trust her or corey to begin with. if she sent paul home, she would've been next.

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32 James evicts Corey instead of Nicole - Big Brother 18

Then Paul takes Corey over James probably, this move is irrelevant. Either scenario James is evicted at 3.

33 Jessie arrogance when he was on the block during week 3 and 4 - Season 10
34 Dan's swearing/gameplay - Season 14

If he never had done that he could have won Big Brother twice. Just look at Alison who played way too aggressive. You need to be careful about how you treat others in your game-play and that coasted him 500,000.

I respect lying in the game I don't respect swearing on your dead grandfathers gold cross religion etc. around 5 times

35 Caleb doesn't participate in the Battle of The Block - Big Brother 16

That would be the EASIEST challenge ever to throw, you could have pretended not to pay attention. If he did participate, then Frankie would have gone home. End of story. - Turkeyasylum

Actually.. Being a life feed watcher, Caleb originally sat out, but while Frankie was doing good, he tried getting back in the comp to make him lose but productions refused to let him SooOoo I wouldn't really classify this as stupid, but I can see your point

36 Julia gets misted by Vanessa to challenge Austin in Bowlerina competition - Season 17

Julia is not the sharpest tool in the shed. But during a critical power of veto competition, Julia in the middle of it got misted by Vanessa in going up against Austin during the Bowlerina power of veto. Had Julia not taken the bait, she probably would had won veto and saved her twin Liz from the block and possibly got Vanessa evicted. What an idiot move. - BlackDiamonds

37 Vanessa evicts Meg and Julia - BB17
38 Shelli takes a shirt from James. Thus resulting herself being voted out.

This was dumb because when she took that shirt it made James paranoid that she was coming after him and it flipped the votes to save Vanessa.

39 Jerry doesn't nominate Memphis and Dan at the final 5 - Big Brother 10
40 Natalie drops both of her HOH competition - Big Brother 11
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