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41 Jen annoys the house week one - Season 8
42 Kail campaigns to Danielle to vote her dad out Big Brother 8

She was way to determined to have dick leave so much that she went to his closest ally and she was ratted and called out and made herself a bigger target then jen

43 James tries to play all sides - Big Brother 6

After Howie's boneheaded decision to nominate James and Sarah, with the help of Maggie, James won the veto to save himself. James ended up befriending Ivette which caused both alliances to take notice he was a serious threat in the house. James won 5 povs but after multiple lies and playing both sides too close, April backdoored him and sent him to jury house. - BlackDiamonds

44 Peter doesn't save Topaz - Big Brother Canada 1

Peter could have saved Topaz, Andrew would have been put on the block and they could have both voted for Andrew to leave. Topaz and Peter then could have convinced Talla that Jillian and Emmet were to close and they would have had a 3 to 1 shot at HOH. But no, Peter leaves Topaz on the block next to Talla. Jillian, Andrew, and Peter vote Topaz out. Jillian wins HOH, she puts Peter and Andrew on the block. Andrew wins point of view. Andrew and Emmet vote Peter out. If Peter had used the veto then they would have targeted Topaz and she would be out and Peter would be in the house instead of Andrew.

45 Jee nominates a fellow "Ex" for eviction - Season 4

He got rid of a alliance member because he thought the original 8 didn't have a alliance when in fact theybdid

This move should much higher on the list. She woul have been handy for the exes in the mental HOH and point of view competitons.

46 Joey Exposes the el Cuatro Alliance - Season 16

Such a stupid idea. Making failed alliances isn't hated on. Making an alliance of four non-competitors that are afraid of the power-hungry men in the house in Week 1, then EXPOSING the alliance to the power-holder instead of lying about it is what gets the criticism. Really, had she actually ever seen the show? - MrRealityTV

47 The entire BB16 house wanting to get Brittany out - Season 16

Haha yeah this was very confusing.. Sadly I liked Brittany I don't know why they all wanted her out. Probably because she said she would make a big move and they were intimidated by her fierce-ness

Because Derrick was the kingpin and Brittany was the only one at that point seeing the control Derrick had at least to some extant, and so Derrick had to get her out before she could plant a seed in people under Derricks control which was pretty much everyone except Donny.

48 Amber tries to get Zach out - Big Brother 16

Amber didn't know that Christine had an alliance with Zach, Frankie, Cody, Derrick called the detonators. So Amber decided to try an alliance with Christine to target Zach and Christine told the detonators and then Amber was backdoored.

Amber isn't strong enough. And thanks to Christine, Caleb was sad on Thursday night.

49 Frankie doesn't veto Christine in the final 6 - Big Brother 16
50 Christine plays for the boys instead of the girls and for herself - Season 16

She was an idiot like most of the season 16 cast. Nicole, Donny, and Zach were the only ones who weren't afraid to make any move. - Turkeyasylum

Backstabbing Nicole? Who would do such a thing and then join the boys.

Christine was a preseason favorite of mine to win the show but she played for the boys and she was Britney'd in double eviction and finished 6th place. - BlackDiamonds

51 Shelli targets Da'Vonne for eviction for arguing with Clay - Big Brother 17

Crazy to hear that Shelli has evicted both of her Day 1 alliance member and they all are the first 3 girls out of the house! She knows that Momma the has her back and there are many larger fish to fry. Bitches over boys

52 Ivette's lousy Exit DR Message to Rachel

Big Brother 6 had great power shifts, but one of the worst moves done was Ivette calling out Rachel's behavior (who was probably was the most level headed players of the Sovereign 6). This nasty goodbye message cost her Rachel's and Howie's votes on finale night as she lost 4-3 to Maggie! Watch what you say future houseguests in those exit dr sessions, jury management is important winning the game. - BlackDiamonds

53 Austwins evict James instead of John - Big Brother 17

John could have win if he cut Steve at 5 as it would have gotten Vanessa to go after Liz and Austin at 4 rather than him.

54 The house evicts Jase instead of Will - Big Brother All Stars
55 Erika nominates Danielle - All Stars
56 Corey nominates Bridgette and Michelle during DE

Very very dumb move, from Corey AS USUAL, Bridgette had a BROKEN ankle and wasn't even going after corey, she also was no where near being a mental or physical comp beast, she was definitely robbed by the mayo boy!

57 The House Evicts Kaitlin Instead of Aaryn - BB15

Look how that turned out in retrospect.

58 Andy Frames Elissa for Voting Out Amanda - Big Brother 15

This wasn't dumb! He needed to try to do this to make sure mccrae didn't target him.

Actually, in my opinion that was the smartest ga,e move or the season. It got him to the 500k

59 Adria nominates Will - Season 5

The twins decided to turn on their ally for no reason and they got evicted the next 2 weeks

60 Diane falls for Drew - Season 5
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