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61 Diane tells Drew that he can't beat her in the final 2 - Season 5
62 Dan doesn't evict Ian over Shane at the final four - Season 14

Uh, this was a great move. He probably wouldn't have made final 2 if he didn't do that. - TheEvilNuggetCookie

63 Zach doesn't use the POV in the final 5 - Big Brother 8
64 Alison evicts Erika over Jun - Season 4
65 Porsche Briggs opens pandora's box on BB13

You can't really call this a dumb move since it was rigged in Rachel's favour... In the past Pandora's box punishments were normally harsh practicle jokes that didn't effect the game, what was Porsche suppose to do...? It's not like she could read into the future and know what the rigged "punishment" would be...

What do you expect from a floater who hadnt won anything until the week of double eviction. The newbies had complete control of the house 4 to 2 once Jeff left. Yet when Porsche opened Pandora's Box and she re-released the duo's twist which lead to Rachel winning the power of veto and evicted Shelly, but hey, she won 5K for her stupid move. - BlackDiamonds

66 Devin Nominates Zach - Big Brother 16

Devin should have known that his Bomb squad ally Zach had the votes to stay.

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67 Spencer Nominates Judd In the Final 5 - Big Brother 15
68 Aaryn Makes Inappropriate Comments - Big Brother 15

This is actually a bad game move in real life. But she did flawless in her game!

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69 Helen Throws Jessie Under the Bus - Big Brother 15
70 Britney Trusts Lane - Big Brother 11
71 Ronnie Attempts to Backdoor Russell - Big Brother 11

He lied way to much during the first 2 weeks

72 The girls refuses to take Joey's all women's alliance offer - Season 16

While Joey wasn't smart in her delivery, the women paid the ultimate price as they were picked off every week. - BlackDiamonds

It's like Jocasta wasn't even trying! - Turkeyasylum

73 Jameka gives up 5 HoHs to win the veto when she was not a target - Season 8
74 Nicole evicts Monica at the final 3 instead of Dr. Will - Season 2
75 Caleb renominates Victoria instead of making a big move - Big Brother 16

Definitely. He should have evicted Frankie and made a deal with Nicole. - Turkeyasylum

76 Rachel targets Monet/Kristin instead of the Brigade - Season 12
77 Amber evicts Kail instead of Eric - Big Brother 8
78 Steve Evicts Jackie in The Double Elimination - Big Brother 17

Steve should really fact check his gossip- especially when the person who passed the false information to him had been evicted weeks ago!

I don't see how it could be a bad move considering he won the season

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79 The house evicts Julia instead of Liz. #BB17 V 1 Comment
80 Jen and Parker reveal to the entire house that Jen and Ryan are a real life secret couple - BB9
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1. Lawon volunteers to be nominated/evicted - Season 13
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