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81 Rachel targets Monet/Kristin instead of the Brigade - Season 12
82 Amber evicts Kail instead of Eric - Big Brother 8
83 Steve Evicts Jackie in The Double Elimination - Big Brother 17

Steve should really fact check his gossip- especially when the person who passed the false information to him had been evicted weeks ago!

I don't see how it could be a bad move considering he won the season

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84 The house evicts Julia instead of Liz. #BB17

Julia gave up her game

85 Jen and Parker reveal to the entire house that Jen and Ryan are a real life secret couple - BB9
86 Jessica targets Amber and Zach for eviction - Season 8
87 The house evicts JoJo instead of Danielle therefore leaving Dan in the game - BB14

Really ridicules to evict jojo just because she was on willies team you could have gotten the best player ever out and with the coaches coming into the game you could have left the other alliance with3 member against 8

Danielle was aligned with Dan, and people should have known that she is a puppet of Dan. Jojo was just a ditzy bratty pawn

88 Shelli backdoors Audrey - Big Brother 17

Audrey said she was gonna make big game moves, but never pulled it off.

She just wasted an hoh and a friend, bad baad move Shelli. Shouldve been mindful that you should keep targets around in the BB house

89 James puts up Jace instead of eliminating Chilltown - BB7
90 Danielle and Jason target Amy at final 4 instead of Lisa - Season 3
91 Kevin evicts Michele over Jordan - Big Brother 11
92 James targets Chicken George - All Stars
93 Janelle nominates Marcellas as a pawn - All Stars
94 Aaryn Replaces Elissa with Spencer Instead of Amanda - BB15
95 The Goblins Vote to Evict Shelli Instead of Vanessa - BB17
96 Matt Uses the Diamond Power of Veto on Kathy - Big Brother 12
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1. Lawon volunteers to be nominated/evicted - Season 13
2. Marcellas doesn't use the veto - Big Brother 3
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1. Marcellas doesn't use the veto - Big Brother 3
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