Top 10 Stupidest Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Players

If you want to be the best in advanced warfare you gotta get dumb. These gentlemen have figured it out

The Top Ten

1 Kobxs

This one is a special one. He has one strat every map and it can't be countered because his stupidity helps him and he has never missed - bullseyeeee

2 Godandrew

The infamous godandrew, kobes duo. His strategy is to follow kobes' shotcalling and go one direction, forward. No Mics needed for this duo because they are in the same Puerto rican house calling out across rooms - bullseyeeee

3 Deebothegod

The entire community wonders how deebo the GOD hasn't won a tournament out of 153 entries (I checked). It's clearly because his teammates crapped his sheets Because he has manipulated his connection to skip every 3 seconds for that crispy lag strafe. He is slightly smarter than kobes and godandrew but still doubles back the b cross on Detroit to this day and that's what it takes to Be an advanced warfare warrior and why he is number 3 on my list - bullseyeeee

4 Fios312

An expert dickrider along with deebo who sucks at making sense or using strategic play. He has a record number of backpacked golds because he has made his way to the top of the dride train but don't get it twisted he will call u a boss when u clutch up - bullseyeeee

5 Blaztful

Bowlcut legend. When this one met advanced warfare he made a class with over clock lightweight and copied it 10 times. Now he is a success. If you see him go to the same place every round he will continue to rush it because where else would he go? - bullseyeeee

6 Outtheordinary

A little smarter than blaztful because he will stop rushing at 5-5. He is a unique one on this list because he sweats super hard no matter what the wager/prize is for. His sweatband has years of sweat on it but who cares because is an AW connoisseur - bullseyeeee

7 Tarzy

He hits fire every round. There are no ifs ands or buts about it. He goes fire on riot. Every god damned round. - bullseyeeee

8 imnotreal

Sometimes this guy makes u wonder if his brain isn't real. He is a nonstop rusher who has only developed 2 strategies despite having a team with over 1000 games played on it (and counting). His ability to use two rush strategies each map instead of one makes him number 8 on my list - bullseyeeee

9 Paayme

Will you actually pay him? No. Will you wish you payed him not to play him? Definitely. This man is slightly different than the others on this list because he will not rush nonstop, he will sit in a corner. Unfortunately only knows about 3 corners but his stupidity helps him at times and he is a great counter to any intelligent player making him 9 on my list - bullseyeeee

10 Swan

My 10th stupidest player award goes to the ghoster swan. He has tried to switch to AW recently because he knows black ops 3 is coming out soon. He is a funny player because you will find him complaining about spawn campers after he snipes you from his spawn! - bullseyeeee

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