Top 10 Stupidest Challenges People Do

Some people Died taking these challenges. Some get scarred for life. PLEASE DON'T DO THESE CHALLENGES!

The Top Ten

1 The Fire Challenge

If risking your life is really what you want to do, then take a job as a firefighter rather than burning yourself up for stupid reasons.. - Kiteretsunu

People put Alcohol on their skin and light themselves on fire.

The top 3 are all accurate. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

2 Condom snorting Challenge
3 The Cinnamon Challenge
4 The Choking Game

Sadly, the majority of people reading this list think this stuff would be fun.

That is the stupidest idea ever

5 The Tide Pod Challenge

I just don't understand some people sometimes, don't they realize how dangerous this is to their health? - TheTMNTFan

6 The salt and vinegar Challenge

Well, I don't see any harm in this challenge (if the salt is common salt). But pointless nonetheless. - Kiteretsunu

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7 Vodka eyeballing challenge

It's when you put Vodka in your eyes

What a stupid idea - kempokid

Oh wow, that can’t be safe. - lovefrombadlands

8 Car Surfing challenge
9 The War Head Challenge
10 The Salt and Ice challenge

The Contenders

11 Planking
12 The Train Challenge
13 Butt chugging

Now this is certainly strange. I hope people don't overdo things doing this challenge. - Kiteretsunu

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14 Drinking Hand sanitizer
15 The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
16 Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge
17 The Cold Dip Challenge
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