Top Ten Stupidest Characters In The Mother-Daughter Book Club

The top ten worst characters in the mother daughter book club series by Heather Vogel Frederick

The Top Ten

1 Rupert Loomis

The way he is described is so unrealistic it's crazy

2 Mrs. Adler

No one comes out of retirement just to substitute. She saw Jess was picking up her pencil, seriously!

3 Ryan & Dylan Delaney

These twins brothers don't have personalities, let alone significance. Way too gullible.

4 Felicia

Who completely rivals their cousin? Insane

5 Jonas

No personality, just gets in the way of a great relationship.

6 Annabelle Fairfax

She's so clingy and stupid, unrealistic

7 Sophie Fairfax

It's kind of strange how Sophie happens to come to Concord & ruin everybody's life. She's just so stupid

8 Mrs. Wong

Poor Megan and Gigi. Bad mom, too overprotective and cares more about trees than family.

9 Zach Norton

MUCH TOO CLICHE! They only like him for his looks.

10 Peyton Winslow

Airhead that wants glamour. Worse than Savannah her first year at colonial

The Contenders

11 Stewart Chadwick

Doesn't care about anything except books also dumps emma hawthorne

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