Top 10 Stupidest Claims by Social Justice Warriors

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Men can't be raped

Whoever said this has never watched anime

I know right..
You learn a lot of things you wish you hadn't from anime.

As a conservative, I usually study a lot of dumb SJW moments, and NOBODY has ever said this.

And they claim to think sexism is wrong

Why won't they use their stength to defend themselves when a woman is trying to do this to him? Seriously men are proven to be stronger than women why don't they defend themselves? Lol If this happened to young boy I probably believe him

White people can't suffer racism

What if a fellow social justice warrior is white? Oh, there probably are no white social justice warriors, they all hate them, HOW RACIST-LIKE. - Firemist

They can! Blacks, asians and whites are good! Every race is awesome! - BorisRule

What? - GlamCat

Of course they can, I heard stories of people of color bully a person because they are white.

Blackwashing is okay but whitewashing isn't

I think both are equally dumb. I'm white and I can still relate to black characters. Black people can relate to white characters. There is way more to a character than their skin color!

Both aren't worth it - BorisRule

Both suck. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Hypocritical right? People don’t give a damn about blackwashing but give a crap about whitewashing. Neither should happen.

The Super Mario Maker hand is racist and sexist

IT'S A VIDEO GAME HAND. If you don't like seeing a hand in a video game, maybe you shouldn't be playing video games. Because video game characters have hands. - NuMetalManiak

That sounds like something from PETA except about racism and sexism instead of animals.

This is flat out ridiculous!

Is this seriously what humanity has come to? - Randomator

All white people are racist

Racist to your own race is even worse than being racist to other race in my opinion - BorisRule

This is not true it's like saying "all blondes are mean" - Murphypaw

No they aren't. - Firemist

Liking/trying something from someone else's culture is "Cultural Appropriation"

Literally every single thing done by every single person is "Cultural Appropriation" of some sort.
That includes the invention of the wheel.

What even is this term. It's a lost meaning at this point. - NuMetalManiak

Also includes the invention and domestication of fire.

I disagree - BorisRule

Assuming your pet's gender is transphobic

That's ridiculous. - GlamCat

Dumbest people - BorisRule

How the hell is that transphobic?

SJWs are triggered by the word "assume" - NuMetalManiak

Harassing, attacking, and chasing Republicans in public is OK, even women and kids

A bunch of Trump haters beat up a homeless woman for liking Trump. Let's beat up every SJW we find homeless or not

Is Trump really that bad?

What. The. Heck?

Having dating preferences is transphobic

Does the mean I can accuse everyone who ever rejected me for being transphobic?

I want a date that’s calm, understanding, and supportive. Erm, everyone does, guess everyone is transphobic now, sad life.

Misandry does not exist

Um... - Firemist

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People hated the 2016 Ghostbusters movie because the main characters were women

Seriously? Lots of movies are hated and have female protagonists! - Firemist

People hated the A Wrinkle in Time movie because of the black leads

I hated it because it was boring as hell. Disney can do a LOT better than this, y’know. - IceFoxPlayz

I liked it. Besides, that doesn’t even matter! - Firemist

So people hating whitewashing is justified? - Not_A_Weeaboo

That's racist. - StevenUniverseIsAwesome

Movies that take place in Olden Times Europe and don't feature Blacks and Asians are racist

There were no Asians in Olden Times Europe. They were in Olden Times Asia.
And the blacks that would be seen in Europe would likely have been slaves (no offense, but that's history for you).

Since when was being historically accurate racist?

*facepalm* It's because minorities weren't a thing back there, genius

That's historically inaccurate!

If you draw a character skinny, you deserve to commit suicide

Fictional characters are meant to be ideals, not a real representation of people. That means anime is bad if this is true, since most anime characters are skinny. Political correctness is ruining a lot of things today.

I draw slim characters all the time, guess I should go put myself in the gullitone.

Like that incident with the Rose Quartz drawing that gave the entire Steven Universe fandom a bad name. Seriously, they could have just told the artist to draw her more accurately next time!

Like that guy said about anime, in this logic, a person deserved to commit suicide if they liked anime.
Weeaboos are annoying, but this isn't the case.

And Steven Universe fandom is out of control. I feel sorry for the girl, who drew Rose Quartz skinny.

Porn increases rape and sexual assaults on women

Um what? - Firemist


Porn doesn't have anything to do with rape. - RoseWeasley

Porn actually prevents rape. I mean it's better to jack off than to touch someone inappropriately in real life.

Telling obese people that they need to lose weight is fat-shaming

This one especially sends me. Last year, I was obese, at 5'1" and 166 pounds. Thanks to the help of doctors and my parents, and people making me realize that I had a problem, I was able to lose 33 pounds and I've been able to get down to 133 pounds and I am now 5'2". If it wasn't for these people waking me up and telling me that I needed to change, I would be still gaining weight and facing severe health issues. - Absolite

Oh okay, all doctors are fat-shaming, I guess we need to hire some new ones. - Firemist

Your doctor is saying that BECAUSE IT IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, not because he/she wants you to "conform to society's standards of beauty".

Scientifically speaking, obesity is not good for your health.

Heterophobia isn't real

Heterophobia isn't a real word, but hating on straight people is a problem. - 445956

It kinda is...Maybe not a big one, but it kinda is. - Firemist

Lol ik people who do. Sucks that some people feel that they need to.. but, golden rule, and the homophobes started it with him. Not that its okay, but I can't blame anyone in the situation in that place ig I'm trying to say? I don't even know..

Video games cause violence

They can actually make you a better person - RoseWeasley

Enough said

I can see why they think that, but it’s still dumb. - Firemist

If you are a person of colour you deserve more chances than whites at jobs, instead of being judged based on merit

Yeah, and some white person who has made from 700-1000 applications, is very much qualified for all of those positions he is applying for, and you give the job to somebody of a different ethnicity but with NO SKILLS WHATSOEVER. Now wonder when you actually fire that employee because they did not do their job right, and then wonder when that same white guy applies again, this time angry because you, the hiring manager, failed to hire the more qualified person. It's common sense.

They claim to hate racism yet make racist statements like this.

According to them, a lazy black person should get a job over a hard-working white person? Who gets a job shouldn't at all be based on your skin color!

When Martin Luther King Jr fought for the rights of colored people, he fought for EQUALITY, not superiority.

Doctors are ableist
The "Cotton Ceiling"
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