Top 10 Stupidest Commercial Products for Kids

This is a list of products that are advertised on commercials for kids. And yes, every kids' commercial has stuffed toys for bedtime. It's a cliche! So, let's get started.
The Top Ten
1 Seat Pets
2 Flashlight Friends
3 Stompeez

They could cave in the ceiling at this rate!

4 Flipeez

Me and my sister got Elsa themed Flipeez. I deserved better.

Retarded. A normal hat for kids 2 and under not older that have ears that flopp when you press something. Typicall.

5 Tummy Stuffers

This could be handy for cleaning your room, but would be hard to rummage through, and find something you are looking for. The commercial was complete crap, though.

6 Dream Lites

I hate the commercial. I don't even need these because I'm 11 years old. But these are still stupid, and maybe kids younger than me could think they are dumb.

Dream Lites are so babyish! I don't get why everyone likes them! I once had a friend that had a Unicorn one! I mean, come on! We were in 2nd grade!

Dream Lite, don't sleep tight, and in the morning you will be an insomniac!

7 Baby Wee Wee

Wow! I've never heard of this product so I looked it up. All I have to say is discusting. I agree with Powerfulgirl10, a sick pervert must of made this.

It's super weird... A sick pervert must've made this...

8 Slushy Magic
9 CuddleUppets

A stuff toy that's a blanket. * explodes*

10 Squeeze Freezy
The Contenders
11 Stretchkins
12 Doggie Doo

I hate this toy Why is dog poop so popular?! It annoys me how viral it has gone.

13 Gooey Louie

This game sucks, but my little cousins, and my baby sister like it. All you do is pull snot out of a bald guy's nose, and if you pull one on a hook inside the nose, a brain will pop out of his head. How stupid is that?!

14 Baby Wow Doll
15 Goozerk

What is with people, its discusting goo that get dirty with everything it touches and it's so retarded, its chemicals with plastic mixed. And why would a kid want a blob of crap to stretch and then do nothing with it. Also with Gak.

16 Slime
17 I Love You Barney Singing Plush Doll
18 Barbie
19 CacaMax

Just brilliant. Another pooping dog toy. Can people get any stupider?

20 Peek-A-Boos

They're stuffed animals that hold phones. I like the idea but the commercial was so annoying.

21 Tiddy Bear
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