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21 Donald Trump Invented Houses

Nuh uh, it was I who invented houses - TwilightKitsune

Reason:Beacause the rooms are separated by walls.

22 The Gender Wage Gap

Oh boy, there is no wage gap for these reasons. 1) we live in a capitalist society, and a company's goal is profits, so paying women apparently less would lead to men being jobless due to it. 2) there is a wage gap, but it's completely different from what feminazis claim. A man typically works for nearly 50-60 years, while leaving the work force for sometime I.e. Vacation time or doctor appointments o for But a woman gets to leave for, marriage, having kids, doctor appointments, vacation etc. So in the long run, women get less in total because they can get longer free days then men. And 3) Many high paying jobs requires a good degree, many men go for classes related to these jobs. Most women? Gender Studies, a useless unnecessary class most women go to, and as a consequence, get lower paying jobs - Zombieguy2006

There is no gender wage gap it's just feminists spreading rumors cause they think they should get payed just because they go to work. These feminists don't understand they have to work but feminists are lazy. There is no gender wage gap. - tacoperson

A stupid conspiracy theory/myth spread by feminists and SJWs who don't know basic math and common sense and just want attention since they have nothing left to cry about. This has been debunked hundreds of times already.

Damn lazy America-leeching feminists

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23 The Illuminati is Real

It was real at one time, actually, however, they had nothing to do with the eye triangle, the number 3, or the obnoxious yet famous combination of air horns, sunglasses, junk food, and *AHEM SUBSTANCES*, thus I don't see them becoming over time what they are supposed to be today. I know that proof is a little off (I've had a long morning of theory debunking, so now all I have is just my common sense), so you want more proof, go find more proof. I'm sure you can look it up.

Don't know if it is actually real, but some may agree it is - Neonco31

This is real

I'm in it

24 The Earth is a Flat Line

I've heard of the Earth being flat. But a single line? Look around you! Everywhere you go, you can go more than one direction in three-dimensional space! This is crazy!

25 The Sandy Hook Shooting is Fake
26 The Holocaust Never Happened
27 The Ancient Egyptians Were Aliens

What is this? Not even funny. - Miauzer

28 Michael Jackson is Still Alive

If he was still alive, we wouldn't be having the bullcrap music coming out today. - Mcgillacuddy

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29 FEMA Camps
30 Kurt Cobain Was Murdered

Kurt wasn't murdered, he committed suicide, that's just very sad - Neonco31

31 The Nazi Antarctica Base
32 NASA Fakes Space Travel
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