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Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia (independence since 1991), is a sovereign state at the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean. Its capital city is Zagreb. It is a member of the European Union. During the Cold War it was part of Yugoslavia. It is a cultural more.


They live in 1941.Very stupid and evil people.

I am croat and this is all true. This beautiful country is utterly, irreversibly destroyed by "reformed" communists and criminals (now neonazis) from HDZ.

They have complex of Serbia even if Serbian king save them from Italy empire.

Very nice country but... people will try to rob you as soon as you step in... from groceries to restaurants... also if you have enough money you can drive over people without penalties but be careful as if some of locals with enough money hits you it will be your fault as justice system is also corrupted

If you are "different" you are not welcome here. They hate everything and everyone.

They are bravest people in the world, not because they are not afraid of anything, but because they are not ashamed of anything.

And you are smart, not to be bothered to use "Greater Serbia rhetoric" - slix

Catholic Serbs, hate Serbia and call themselves Croatians, speak Serbian language.

Like 99% comments here are not written by Croatian people, but by people overwhelmed by sheer pathological hatred for Croatia and Croatians. What can you do. Yes, you lost the war 1995, we won. Deal with it!

They are only Nazi puppet state in the world that had concentration camps for Serbs and Jews ( most prominent "Jasenovac", "Jadovno"... ), even separate children extermination camps... that didn't bare any consequences for their actions after the war, they were accepted in Yugoslavia as a brother nation. That mistake for not punishing those thrives lives today through young and middle age generations who admire their grandfathers who were wearing black uniforms and hailed to Third Reich, and doing so today, and reminding everyone of their past roles when even Germans are ashamed and hiding their past ideals is a prime example of stupidity. One of the reasons they continue doing it today is because of stupidity of No1 nation from this list who support them.

Terrible people, best to avoid, google what Bob Dylan said about them

Croatian People are so dumb. The country is so beautiful and government people (mostly HDZ) take money just for themselves so country is became poor and dumb civilians always vote for worst government and then they stay surprised after there is no money anymore. Also most of young people are listening horrible music mostly from Kosovo and Serbia called "cajke" and that music really sounds terrible and usually stupid people listen to it and no one cares about them... Anyway really messed up country because of dumb people

All the smart ones already escaped to central and northern Europe.

The nation of the stupidest, most ignorant people ever. Stuff that happen here are hard to believe. Hatred and crime masked as "traditional values" and "Christianity". Our government can piss on us, steal our money to live in luxury, lie us on daily basis and we will not rebel just because people are SO STUPID. I am leaving this country together with all the young people who want to do something with their lives.

People who are simply stuck in the past and have no ambitions to be progressive. Ugliest thing, though, is their determined celebration and pride of Croatian convicted war criminals.

I am Croatian and I agree with the choice. This country has so many possibilities that only bunch of stupid and inert people are holding back. Hopefully, new generations will change something.

A country where the sea is clearer than the people.

It's pretty hard not to have a sea clearer than the people when it's crystal clear - Croat

Citizens with countless complexes

I live in Croatia and I know how stupid are people I live with

Without any doubt, Croats must be the dumbest people in the world. They have a nazi woman as a president, and they love it! They also listen to nazi music, worship war criminals, murderers and rapists, celebrate genocides against humanity, they like to march through cities dressed in nazi uniform singing "cute" little songs about killing and raping people from their neighbouring countries. They tend to rewrite their "history", although they have none - just look at their wikipedia articles. They are shameless, dull and usually very ugly (like yuck) and they like being dumb. You can recognize them by spitting onomatopoeia (pljuc) in the comments section on YouTube and elsewhere online. That's so dumb! They are also losing each and single basketball game played against Serbia with a three point shooter in the last seconds of the game. They are simply so dumb and they will never learn.

Smart people leave Croatia, so, who is left?

The last state where fascism is honoured by majority.

What to say about Croatia? I used to live there and for sure can confirm that they are on top 10 world's stupidest countries in the world. People there literally hate every other nation and religion, just read their comments on social media that confirms that. They really don't hesitate to spread the hate on internet, for the Croatian people this is normal. They are being taught from the early age to hate everybody and have bad names for each nation. You can see the real reflection of Croation people in their government representatives starting with their President. The government destroyed everything what they could and don't attend to stop doing it and they still get elected. Croatian people don't think that all people should have same rights. For example, for them it is normal to live abroad but it is a tragedy if a foreigner comes to live in their country because a foreigner is always just a scum. And they very proudly still live in a war time and celebrate the convicted war ...more

I'm Croatian. There are lots of very nice (and very smart and capable) people in Croatia, but majority isn't like that. Most of this stuff is unfortunately true. My wife and I moved out.

They are so full off boring, pathetic stories about their relatively recent past which is enough to ruin your holiday but there is even worse - if you start listening to them, you may check what they say and than you will get that creepy feeling like you are surrounded by undercover Nazis and pathological liars. Whole nation suffering from a same type of mass psychosis? Unbelievable and spooky

We are so smart in theory, on Facebook, on forums, country of geniuses for economy, politics, medicine, biology, religion, human rights (or there lack of it),... name it - we are experts in it. Especially if it means trashing someone elses rights, life style, convictions... We are a nation with battered wife syndrome: our disgusting politicians have managed to beat us, lie to us, steal from us, sell our future and future of our children and grandchildren for 25 years and we still make up 1000 excuses for them and keep coming back for more. WE ARE STUPID!