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The United States of America, or the U.S.A. for short, is a federal republic composed of 50 states, 48 of them are contiguous states. There are two other states, Alaska and Hawaii, which are north and south of the contiguous states, respectively. The United States declared its independence from the ...read more.


I beg all the readers to read this and understand the true concept of the blog. The people are bad, unhealthy, take rare facilities as granted, play full video games and are unaware. The government in order to develop it's country, tortured Afghanistan with the Taliban, created ISIS to keep Iraq, Syria and Iran low kept on conquering the economy with adulterated goods. We must also never forget that if not for them Iraq, Iran, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries affected by America would have been developed for more than America. They own vast amounts of oil from Middle East. LGBT people have no or very less rights there. They also dropped atomic bombs for their comfort in Japan not minding about innocent civilians. They chased Red Indians from their ancestral properties using disharmonious means and yet complain about illegal immigrants. They created dictatorship in Chile and murdered Che Guevara for their own benefits. Their idiotic government destroyed the natural beauty of ...more

Americans, always wanting to kill someone in the name of "God and Country", while they complain how evil their government is, and forever finding excuses to lock its citizens away in a jail cell. You can spit in an Americans face, order him to turn his father in to be locked away, and they respect you for it, just like an animal.

Although the states is a great country in many aspects it is also also a very stupid one. They choose to use their great fortune to cater for a small selection of people also known as celebrities instead of providing their citizens with a free health care system and a better education for their young people. I went there as an exchange student and found it relatively easy achieving top marks in every class and yet back home I was an average student. Another issue is their gun laws. For some reason one of the biggest and most diverse countries in the world thought it would be perfectly acceptable to allow people of vastly different cultures, religions and beliefs to freely walk around with a killing machine. Anyway although there are many more issues that could be stated these are a few that came to mind. I know this post will probably get a hate from people who rightfully love their nation and I will admit I loved my time in North America and would certainly visit again but there are ...more

I have to agree with you, I'm an american in high school and love to learn cultures and everything about other countries but in my opinion the right wing politicians are the ones holding us back they are the one who really spill so much about how "we are the greatest country in the world" What a joke, we can be better in my opinion we will get better but first we have to fail in order to have progress we will learn from our mistakes and will be better in the future. - AndrewMejia

A vast majority of American's believe everything the media portray's to them through a television screen without any empirical evidence. They're blind, they're are deaf and they're dumb.

They belive they are the best in everything, arrogant morons.

Morons who only know how to invade other countries. Someone should wipe this dumb nation from the surface of our planet.

With their stupid gun laws, I think they'll eventually wipe out themselves. They don't need to fear a war, they are imploding all on their own. - Neppy2

I'm an American. I am one of the few who will tell you that most of the people I encounter on a daily basis are idiots. This country is full of willfully ignorant, media obsessed, morons.

Voted Bush as President, caused most wars. Enough said.

Brainwashed by mainstream media. Went there... When I said I'm from Serbia, their reaction was: Oh so you're from Germany?... They actually think they are very smart. They were talking to me like I came from some primitive tribe asking me if I ever heard about basketball or surfing? Absolutely no connection with the world outside of their states. All they know is that its always Russians fault and they are the heroes saving the world. My friend goes to one of their universities. My high school is far harder, and I know that because he used to go to the same high school as me.

Trump's president, they have the same amount of geography knowledge as a dog with an atlas, they will believe anything they are told as long as the president or presidential candidate says it, every other religion and country in the eastern hemisphere is evil and they deny the fact that 3/4 of the country is overweight. The most dangerous type of stupid people are the people who don't know they're stupid and insist on waving a flag and calling themselves the best country in the world.

Is the average America even intelligent enough to understand that the election of Donald Trump has made them the laughing stock of the world? Watching US media, I doubt most of you even realize there is more planet out there beyond the borders of the US. As a timid, polite Canadian, until/if you come to your senses, please keep your neo-fascist, 1950's thinking selves the hell out of my country. We wouldn't want to have to build a wall.

Despite all the free education, people are surprisingly stupid, seemingly not picked up much from the education program. Don't worry, money will make up for everything. America is great because of money, thanks to the greed of capitalism and favorable trade deals. Money pays services that secure the right for people to be lazy and retain the mentality of children, with no basic struggle for necessities like food, clothes, and shelter, yet envy makes people wish for more still. Very little incentive to get smarter.

Americans used to lead the world by example, things like the Marshal Plan, the space program, and aid to Greece after the war, Then they fell in love with money and allowed businesses to have the same rights as citizens. Now their citizens are ruled by the rich, who plan on turning them into a nation of slaves with no rights or privileges - no access to free healthcare, no access to good education and many other things. The strange thing is that the American public wants these things and will even defend those who do these things - Did somebody put something in the water there? How did they become so gullible, naive and stupid? Sadly I have to now hate the country I once loved.

It's really unfortunate - there are a lot of smart people in America, but those really, really, PAINFULLY stupid ones outbalance them. I mean, people in this country don't even know the full name of the nation's capital, do not know how many stars there are on the American Flag, and don't know what the American Revolution is! It's a disgrace! People in CANADA know that, but some of our dimwitted Americans don't. - JustAnAccount

I Live In America And I Will Start By Saying This; PEOPLE SUCK AT VOTING HERE AND DON'T CARE ABOUT INTELLECTUAL POWER (Not All, But About 60,70%). Sure, It's A Free Country And All Which Is Nice, And We Have Free Education, But What's Bad About This Country? 95% Of The Time I Hear "SCHOOL IS USELESS" Or "I HATE SCHOOL" From Middle And Highschoolers! These People Can't Realize People In Africa And Southeast Asia Are PRAYING For Education, Plus, People Are Even Racist! They Think All Because Of The Media They Should Hate All People Who Are Not Like Them! ALL THE MEDIA NEGLECTION AGGREVIATES ME! They Can't Be Grateful They're Not Starving, Or The Fact They Have FREE Education Or Have Shelter Or Have Clothes! This Is What I've Seen Others Do! Seriously, Once They Get Something Amazing, They Start Complaining! And I'm Mainly Talking About Middle/Highschoolers And Some Others That May Apply! WE NEED TO BE MORE OPEN-MINDED AND GRATEFUL! I Could Go On And On And On But I Don't Even Know! And ...more

Just so you know: america is the home of disasters. They are all like america is the best on earth. Then when a disaster happens they are like what a pathetic bad country we live in. Shut up america. You are always chanting USA USA all the time. So when a disaster strikes don't you be calling it a bad nation because you are always america is the best country in the world and crap.

The stupidest country for voting Donald Trump into office. The American people failed to prevent an aggressive, selfish, utterly incompetent, pig-headed national embarrassment from obtaining the most powerful position on the planet. If more people voted for Hillary, this never would have happened. But of course, you pea-brained ignoramuses just had to mess it up. And oh boy, did you utter fools mess up big time.

Living in Texas all my life mainly all I see is people from this area and I would have to say they are probably the least educated although they may have finished high school or college they have no sense whatsoever they only do with their parents taught them and they do not listen in school at all. They do not think for themselves they only do our vote the way their parents our grandparents taught them our way there church tells him to vote and this can be an issue with them not thinking for themselves at all but this is Texas

Protect themselves from immigrants and breed their own terrorists

Americans are the most ignorant, self-absorbed people in the world. End of story. Don't believe me? Look at the idiot they elected! I swear to you, Donald Trump will either drive the U.S. apart (more so than it already is), start a nuclear war with North Korea (that will be the end of humans as a species altogether), lead America into communism, or at least screw the country over so horribly that there will be an absolute 0% chance of the economy ever recovering. But let's face it, he'll do all 4 of those things, and then parade him self around like he's God or something. Donald Trump, if you ever read this (99.9999% chance of that not happening), do your country (and the rest of the world) a favour and throw yourself of the roof of your "really tremendous", "classy", "Mexicans will pay for it", tower in... well I don't care where. Just die... or at least go away in some matter so nobody (or country) has to ever deal with your ridiculousness ever again!

They are supporting Donald Trump that is all.

Most students there are average rated; and they expect foreign scholars who are coming to the US need to show their awards, trophies and a large number of certificates to enter the country. What's the use of it, then?

"What is the biggest star in our solar system? " They don't know.

Idiots whose knowledge about other countries stays before their own borders, belive what CNN or other manipulated media say them without thinking if this can or can not be true, adore their racist president, think that education is a normal thing (it is not for some people in some parts of the world where they have to walk to school more than 2 hours) and many other things...US should be on the first place of this list far far away from other countries...

I used to live in US and... With everything on his favor (technology, financial, location, natural resources,...). Staters always find the way to do wrong... They fight for stupid laws and cannot do something for themselves (everything has to have a manual or instructions). Usually are bad educated (exceptions for the greatest universities... which is part of the ridiculous scenario). They have the most stupid president of the world (Trump)... and they elected!