Top Ten Stupidest Darwin Award Nominees

These people are such idiots for removing themselves from the gene pool like they did. Get ready to see some awfully stupid deaths. Charles Darwin would be proud of them for removing themselves from the gene pool leaving much more intelligent people.

To qualify for this list, the person must have either died or be rendered sterile from their stupid acts.

The Top Ten

1 Garry Hoy - Idiot Lawyer

I remember when that story happened, & when I learned about "Darwin Awards" years later, I would always think of this particular incident, & think that this should be included.

Turns out that it was.

The Toronto lawyer who tried to prove to a bunch of students that the windows in a skyscraper were strong enough for him to simply bounce away from it. Unluckily for him he went straight through the window and fell to his death. Seriously, if you're going to even try that you need to be put in a nut house. Why didn't he just use something else in the room to test it? Garry, you're such an idiot. - Cazaam

2 Darren - Stab Proof Jacket?

A man named Darren from Leicester wondered if his new jacket was stab-proof. He attempted to stab himself and succeeded killing himself in the process. Why didn't you try stabbing it while you weren't wearing it you idiot? - Cazaam

3 Angry Wheelchair Man

The South Korean man in a mobility scooter that was too impatient to wait for the lift after it left. Repeatedly slamming his scooter against the door, the door gave way and he fell through the shaft to his well deserved death. - Cazaam

4 James T - Goldface

A man who tried to rob a Sprint store decided to attempt to conceal his identity by spray painting his face gold. Sadly for him, he didn't read the label telling to keep away from skin. Since he didn't, the fumes got to him and he died from asphyxiation. Well deserved. - Cazaam

5 Marko - Chimney Cleaning Grenade

Marko's chimney was too high to clean wit a brush so he needed to attach two brushes together with a chain but needed something to weigh the chain down and here's where the fail comes. Marko weighs the chain down with a grenade which he welds down onto the chain. The thing is though, the heat made the grenade explode killing Marko but his chimney was cleaned by the explosion though. - Cazaam

6 Tiger Food

One of two muggers was running away after stealing stuff from a group of civilians chasing him. He scaled a fence forgetting he was at the Bloemfontein Zoo in South Africa. After falling a good ten metres to the ground he found himself in a tiger enclosure where he was mauled to death. - Cazaam

7 Thierry B - Fails at Failing

Attempting to fake his own death to look like suicide he actually managed to succeed at killing himself by cutting one of the major arteries in his neck. He dies of massive blood loss. - Cazaam

8 Tamar - The Airtime Quest

Riding the Raven, said to be "one of the world's most terrifying roller coasters." Tamar wanted to make it more exciting. Unbuckling her seatbelt and standing up in her seat the G forces took care of her and gave her the air time she wanted until she fell to the floor and died. - Cazaam

9 Chicken Nuggets

What person died from chicken nuggets? - MusicalPony

A chicken nugget goes on rampage - Creameo

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