Top Ten Stupidest Decisions Made by Star Wars Characters

Star wars has a lot of wise characters such as Yoda, but also a lot of dumb ones. Here are top ten dumbest decisions made by star wars characters that you remembered from watching the movies.

The Top Ten

1 Anakin Skywalker Cutting Off Mace Windu's Arm.

...Which led to the emperor being alive, the fall of the Jedi order, the rise of the empire, and consequentially the deaths of countless billions. - wren6

2 Emporer Palpatine Force Zapping Luke

Where Darth Vader Gets Pissed off and drops the emporer to his death - wren6

3 Mace Windu Hesitating to Kill Palpatine

Like I said in the first one... - wren6

4 Luke Skywalker Ignoring Yoda's Advice

Unrelated to Star Wars in Avatar The Last Airbender in the episode The Guru which is very similar to Luke and Yoda's training from Empire Strikes Back and just like Luke abandoning his training to go rescue Leia and his friends after sensing that their in danger and ignores Yoda and Obi Wan wishes, Aang sense that Katara is in danger and does the same including ignoring the Guru's advice and of course things work out badly for both of them. - egnomac

5 Lando Calrissian Betraying Han Solo to the Empire

Yeah, but he made a good decision befriending Han in return of the jedi. - wren6

6 Tarkin Steering the Death Star Toward Yavin Instead of Destroying It

Yep, tarkin was dumb, he let himself into his own demise and gave the rebellion the potential they later used to defeat the empire. - wren6

7 Obi Wan Letting Himself Die

Think about it, if Obi wan easily let burnt Vader on Mustafar, then why can't he do it again with 30 years later and with Vader on life support? Does this even count as sacrifice? - wren6

8 Clone Troopers Following Order 66
9 Padme Falling in Love with Anakin

You could have chosen any other tatooine farm boy. - wren6

10 Obi Wan and Qui Gon Befriending Jar-Jar

They should have just killed that freak and sparred us the pain of having to indure his company. - egnomac

The Contenders

11 Luke wanting the Jedi to end
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