Top Ten Stupidest Excuses for Not Doing Your Homework

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1 My dog ate my homework

It's getting old people. Try to use something else!

In this episode of the amazing world of gumball, gumball and Darwin don't have their homework because they're dad thought eating it would make him smarter so they get sent to theropy because they think they're lying when it's TRUE

Nobody is going to believe your DOG ate it.

No, he best excuse is because a potato flew around your room.

2 My mom put it in a shredder because she thought my homework was too dumb to teach me anything

You're mom is not going to do something like that, and if she did, she would send a note.

Come on, really? Dad or younger sibling maybe, but not Mom. And I mean, yes,some homework is dumb, but not in the teacher's eyes...

Love a savage sister

Ok... Maybe really stupid

3 Snoop Dogg smoked it

That is funny

That was cool

4 I ran out of toilet paper so I used it to wipe my ass

That is just insane. How in the world do you use ROUGH paper to wipe your ass?!?!?!

Really that's really weird and crazy if you really did do that

That is so messed up

That is amazing.

5 I flushed my spelling homework down the toilet

Well, then you'd get in huge trouble for refusing to do your homework.

Because you accidentally left it there and pooped on it.

Probably because you dropped it and then pooped on it.


6 I got distracted by Jimmy Kimmel Live

How in the world would Jimmy Kimmel distract you from doing your homework?

LOL That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard!

We'll you should've turned off the T.V. and did your homework.

7 I rather twerk than do my homework

Nicki Minaj would use that as a excuse.

The teacher may just ask you to show them.

This will just get you in serious trouble.

that is me

8 I ate it

I've done this be4 and it work
*like I actually ate it


Hahaahah! it's so funny but I don't think your teachers will believe this one

9 Aliens took it

I heard someone actually use this college!

that rules

10 Miley Cyrus said homework is for people who don't have taste in my music

Then Miley Cyrus must be a Terrible role model (worse than whiny little Caillou)

There comes a slap right across Miley Cryus face.

I will puke

The Contenders

11 My dad accidentally set it on fire
12 I was drunk in love

But if your younger how can you use that?

Well, that won't get you excused.

Ok I am going to puke

sooo funny

13 My religion forbade me to do it

What religion is that?

Can I join that religion


14 My big brother ate it

Lol. This is so stupid.

15 My dog shoved it up another dog's anus

Haha what the hell?!

So this is how they reproduce, huh?

okay what?


16 The Fat Bottomed Girls rode their bicycles over it

so good

17 I drooled on my homework

It's still good enough to turn in.

Ha! Why would you sleep with your homework.

18 Terrorists came and attacked

Why on earth would they attack they would only attack in Syria

19 Deadmau5 said people don't do homework

COMPLETELY WRONG! Are you kidding. He doesn't say anything about homework.

HAHAAHA if Deadmau5 said I shouldn't do my homework I would do burn my homework and tell my teacher that the profit of god just spoke to me and told me not to do my homework. HAHA. Just look at my prof pic!

Then Deadmau5 must be a big liar.

20 I did it but I forgot it at home

That's what all my class do

I say that all the time

I tried that and I still got detenion

good one

21 Jesus told me not to hand it in

"take me to church! "

22 I shoved it up my horse's butt

What the hell kind of excuse is this?.?

No one even has a horse.

That was an option.

23 The mafia scribbled bad words on it
24 I got my homework wet in the pool

I was just sunbathing near the pool and at the same time doing my work because I do relaxation and work at the same time. I don't know how but something pushed me forward and off I went into the pool with my homework. Now, teacher believe me.

And It can be dried, just like everything else in the world except a towel.

That actually happened to me once.

Why would you bring homework to a pool.

25 Nicki Minaj sat on my homework and I couldn't get it back

That was just disgusting all I wanted to say was that

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