Top 10 Stupidest Fictional Guidebooks for Someone to Take Seriously

You were in the bookshop, nothing special right? BUT you just come across a satirical guidebook that is meant to be a joke as the cover says, you buy it and rush in to home and do whatever f*cked up things this book says

The Top Ten

1 The 10 Page Book on How to Kill Yourself

1.Drink bleach in a FANCY way
2.Go to a black getto in a money suit
4.Make some WWE wrestler pissed off
5.You know it... - FladevousEniker

2 The Government Approved Guidebook on How to Gain More Money & Power!

1.Be a corrupt fool
2.Allign yourself with the mafia
3.Ask some black thugs for some loan
4.Yep... - FladevousEniker

3 How to Paint Your Black Neighbor White

1.Imagine him as a canvas...

2.Do whatever you want to do and where's my well deserved money! You racist punk! - FladevousEniker

4 The Holy Book on How to Purge Infidels

1.Plant a secret cam on the infidels room (NOTE:Cut it off if the infidels eat pork)
2.Burn them in the stake like the pigs they are!
3.Bomb the infidels "Infidels Camelmobile"
4.Beat those cartoonist that makes well designed Muhammed (may peace be upon him) fan art
5.Go eat pork you ISIS thugs! - FladevousEniker

5 The Book on How to Harass Old People

1.Follow them behind and tell them how they should drink oil
2.Dress in a Viet Cong uniform in front of a Vietnam veteran
3.Sit on your grand father rusted chair and tell him he should buzz off
4.Kill yourself please... - FladevousEniker

6 Why You Should Fight for the Warriors from Africa and How

1.Donate all your chickens to your local African neighbor
2.Give away your basketballs and melons to your equality fighters!
3.Join your local AK-47, pot smoking knights!
4.Hung a painting of Black Hitler or Robert Mugabe on your porch
5.Just wait for the social marxist to come and call it "diversity" - FladevousEniker

7 Mommy I Can't Smoke Correctly, The Mommy Approved Guide on How to Smoke Correctly

Interesting - TwilightKitsune

1.Get a blunt
2.Get a lighter
3.Burn yourself
4.Spread it by hugging somebody
5.Now you could smoke while you're dead! - FladevousEniker

8 It's Fun & Games! The Advised Guide on How to Produce More Babies!

1.Find some mens (Quantity over quality! )
2.each by one till you finish all of them
3.Throw your babies out of the window!
4.Just wait until the "Social Media Police" to post it on Facebook! - FladevousEniker

9 Mommy I Want to Kill the Opposition!!! The Mommy Approved Guide on Becoming a Dictator

1.Create your radical group
2.Arouse the public by declaring free porn books to everyone!
3.Join the elections or plant a coup
4.Kill ze Jews
5.Repeat no.5
6.Wait until someone topples you - FladevousEniker

10 The Beginners Guide on Animal Breeding
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