Stupidest Games for PC

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The Top Ten

1 The Sims

I suppose you could be too young to remember the gen 1.
The Sims
Hot Date
Vacation (UK Holiday)
Livin' Large (UK Livin' It Up)
House Party
making' Magic
The Sims Online (US and Japan only)
Pogo had a Sims Pinball game which they got rid of possibly being gen 1.
The worst thing would be a Sims movie.

No its not and its easier than most video games.

the game is pointless nuff said. - whatsitsname

It is the worst game I can think of

2 Barbie Carnival Caper

it's stupid
by the way...
That's a great insult, it's a great game; better than many other games. Why is in this list? - rock2metal

3 Mickey Mouse Saves the Day

What's that!
This game made me Hate Mickey Mouse!

4 Barbie Make-up Artist

I wonder why barbie keeps appearing on this list, whats next, "Barbie the Prostitute"

5 The Sentinel
6 SimCity

If The Sims is on here, then Simcity can be too.
Oh and Sims original forever.

7 SimCity 4

This game should not be on this list. Think about all the fun in this game if you played it!

8 Scooby Doo 2

Sims and zoo tycoon aren't stupid. They're fun, but they are pretty pointless

9 Hotel Giant
10 Zoo Tycoon

The Contenders

11 Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine

Indiana jones is awesome. and the movies at great

12 Minecraft
13 Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

You guys are kidding right zoo tycoon? This game has no point you can just press gas and win not to mention if you hit any thing you go right through it with no problem.

This game is useless.
I think it's the worst game ever made

14 Pokémon Black/Blue
15 Five Nights at Freddy's
16 Dong Dong Never Die
17 World of Warcraft
18 Undertale
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