Stupidest Girls Names

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1 Kitty

This is so rude, this is my best friends name! I hate you people!

Ah come here KITTY CAT!

2 Gigi

I think Bebe is a better two sound name.

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3 Sana
4 Shoshanna
5 Rosamund
6 Dotty

Well, It's a good name for a dotty horse, or dog

Dotty is a supid name

That’s better for a Dalmatian, not a person. - lovefrombadlands

7 Tatum
8 Yaricka
9 Desladie
10 Tsunami

"Tsunami" means "great wave". I think this is a bad@ss name - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

The Contenders

11 Ratchet
12 Linda

Its not a stupid name. Its pretty

13 Olga
14 Chantal
15 Gertrude
16 Larysa
17 Milky

Milky Way. - lovefrombadlands

18 Astana Astana
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