Top 10 Stupidest Godzilla Monsters

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Giant Condor


It is a condor. a conder? really?! that is just stupid and lame. - Bswaggers


OK YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! THIS IS AN ABOMINATION! well maybe at least it has a special power. (sees the scene where it shoots mud) MUD?! MUUDDD?! SERIOUSLY?! A weird LOOKING MONSTER WHOS SPECIAL ABILITY IS TO SHOOT BALLS OF MUD?! well at least it can't get any worse. (watches the scene where is is a ship and flies over people)! THAT THING IS TERRIFYING! you know what this thing is plain stupid. But that is why I love hedorah. I love it because it is so stupid and looks so ugly. Yet I cannot help but love it. Hedorah is an amazing monster because of its stupidness. Go hedorah! - Bswaggers


This thing is weak, looks stupid and is not even real. It's just from a dream. Man, does he suck

Ok this thing just looks silly - Bswaggers


(producer) oh what powerful enemy can we make to take on godzilla? a three headed golden dragon? a mecha godzilla? nah! a lobster! perfect idea. SERIOUSLY?! a lobster?! you know what I am done! I am just done! (realizes there is actually a three headed gol dragon and mecha godzilla and watches there movies)! THOSE 2 ARE THE MOST EPIC GODZILLA VILLAINS EVER! Nvm I am a godzilla fan again. - Bswaggers


he stupid

Ok that thing even looks stupid and doesn't look anythin like gojira. Have you seen its movies?! it is SO STUPID! - Bswaggers

Giant Octopus

Can't even take on the military and you call your self a monster

That is not godzilla! that is an awful ripoff of him! (watches final wars) well he got what he deserved. - Bswaggers


It is just a giant praying mantis - Bswaggers


It is just plain boring and stupid. - Bswaggers


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Godzilla Godzilla is a giant monster originating from a series of tokusatsu films of the same name from Japan.

Calling Godzilla one of the stupidest of his kind is a sin like no other - Bswaggers


Excuse me. Rodan is not stupid. he is one of the most iconic Godzilla monsters out there. He is awesome! Well, at least you did not put King Ghidorah on here. he is my favorite Godzilla kaiju of all time, even over Godzilla himself - Bswaggers

Mecha King Ghidorah

The 3 headed monsters upgrade in 1991

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