Top 10 Stupidest Godzilla Monsters


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1 Hedorah Hedorah

OK YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME! THIS IS AN ABOMINATION! well maybe at least it has a special power. (sees the scene where it shoots mud) MUD?! MUUDDD?! SERIOUSLY?! A weird LOOKING MONSTER WHOS SPECIAL ABILITY IS TO SHOOT BALLS OF MUD?! well at least it can't get any worse. (watches the scene where is is a ship and flies over people)! THAT THING IS TERRIFYING! you know what this thing is plain stupid. But that is why I love hedorah. I love it because it is so stupid and looks so ugly. Yet I cannot help but love it. Hedorah is an amazing monster because of its stupidness. Go hedorah! - Bswaggers

2 Gabara Gabara

This thing is weak, looks stupid and is not even real. It's just from a dream. Man, does he suck

Ok this thing just looks silly - Bswaggers

3 Giant Condor

It is a condor. a conder? really?! that is just stupid and lame. - Bswaggers

4 Ebirah Ebirah

(producer) oh what powerful enemy can we make to take on godzilla? a three headed golden dragon? a mecha godzilla? nah! a lobster! perfect idea. SERIOUSLY?! a lobster?! you know what I am done! I am just done! (realizes there is actually a three headed gol dragon and mecha godzilla and watches there movies)! THOSE 2 ARE THE MOST EPIC GODZILLA VILLAINS EVER! Nvm I am a godzilla fan again. - Bswaggers

5 Minilla

Ok that thing even looks stupid and doesn't look anythin like gojira. Have you seen its movies?! it is SO STUPID! - Bswaggers

6 Zilla Zilla

That is not godzilla! that is an awful ripoff of him! (watches final wars) well he got what he deserved. - Bswaggers

7 Giant Octopus
8 Manda Manda

It is just plain boring and stupid. - Bswaggers

9 Varan Varan
10 Kamacuras Kamacuras

It is just a giant praying mantis - Bswaggers

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11 Anguirus Anguirus
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