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1 Gaywad

O. O are you serious? That weird word is a last name? I feel sad for the people who has that name. Sad sad sad ss

Gaywad is an insult to gay people but its wow funny. Hey, Jemimah Gaywad! Hey, Kitty Gaywad! Hey, Stupid Sana Gaywad! LOL

it sounds like an insult "u gaywad" dosn't it? - wildog47

;^; I feel so bad.

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2 Trump

It means fart in Britain, my mother called me and told me that when she was younger, if someone farted they would say "you trumped! " - Swiftdawn

This made me laugh, thank you

The great wall of trump

y not

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3 Montana

Take a wild guess what you shouldn't name your daughter if you have this last name.

This was actually on top ten best last names. Got number 10.

Hannah Montana, yeah. Stupid - SwampertBABY


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4 Hi

Imagine if there was a guy called jake hi if he said his name to a friend it would be like this
Jake:whats your name
Jake hi:jake hi
Jake:hi and I said your name
Jake hi:that's my name
Jake:you're weird I'm going away (runs away)
Jake hi:what a weirdo that's normal
Bully:hi you're stupid
Jack hi:stop wierdo
Bully:what did you say
Jack hi:what
Bully:(beats him up)
Bully:and stop saying that
And why is smith on here I like it - simpsondude

I would hate this

My dad knew a guy, Edward Ward. They called him Ed Ward.

No offense to those with this last name, but wow would they have a hard time getting through life... - RaineSage

Best, Name, Ever.

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5 Bieber

I would jump of the roof I this was my name

In my case, come up with an Asian name (which I would have if my father wasn't british) and go by that until I can legally change my name.

I would die if my last name was beiber

One of my math teacher's sister law married this guy with the last name of Bieber.And that's even worse than her own last name(Mrs.Shoops).

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6 Smith

That's the name of my teacher! This is stupid because... - Thatgirl

Courtney you lose. Haha thanks for bullying me it's payback time for you!

Very common last name, but I like it - KingSlayer93316

Smith is awesome in my opinion! sounds so cute and amazing - Aquastar_of_DewClan

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7 Fartson

That can't be real. If, by some MINUSCULE chance, it IS real, I offer my condolences to those people.
But there's no way that can be real.

Just Saying That It's A Really Stupid Last Name I Ever Heard

This one is really stupid

Is dat real

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8 Hale

Well, I do think it is pretty weird, because it's kinda like (or it reminded me of) the frozen (ish) drops of rain in the sky, you know, hail? I'm on this page because I write a newspaper about dorks, and all of my names need to be stupid. It's just a newspaper that I give to my family, though, it's not published or anything. I sure wish it were, though. Anyway, Hale?! I am lucky, being half Italian, my last name rolls off the tongue, and it is very beautiful. Also, my name. My sister and I have Irish (first) names, from my mom. No thank you, Hale!

For some reason this makes me think of ugly green vegetables o-o

When I saw this I just randomly thought of Lzzy Hale

That looks like hate.

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9 Mahmood

Change it to McMahmood and I'm on board.

it good


That is what my annoying classmates call their “mood boards” on Pinterest.

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10 Obama

This dude

Oooh I'm telling the prez


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11 Butts

I knew a kid named Sofia Butts and she was horrible to me. I told her that her last name suited her, and my 7th grade English teacher even asked her how she could survive having a last name like that. - Copenhagen

I've seen a company name with this as the founder's second name... I had to do a double take. Seriously. - RaineSage

I remember that there was kid in one of my schools that has this last name. I forgot which school it was, though.


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12 Montgomery

That's my teacher at jacksonville heights

Such a hard name to spell

This is the name of my history teacher


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13 Kahn

Lala22, If you make good points then explain this: Did your parents make up a last name for you? I don't think so. And plus, you make good points = you are full of yourself. don't say I make good points unless your narcissistic, especially if you don't even make good points in the first place!

Like Genghis Khan

Shao Kahn is the Emporer of Outworld. He shall execute you. - ErMACkombaT

Hey! Take this off the list! My friends last name is khan! It is a good name if you are a muslem. but the rest... no so much... the rest of the names sound stubid... hi?! Hanby?!? ZIP?!?!? Who names there kid zip? I would not. yeah so take khan off the list. I make good points.. I am telling you. - lala22

14 Zip

Zip just doesn't sound like a name. oh, hi, my name is Alana Zip! That sound horrible!

It sounds very weird! - funnyuser

I mean really zip hi misses. Zip if that was my last name I would die or whoever has the guts to name name your kid juston should be punished for naming there kid after a retarderd druggy

Zip. what. Zip is stupid.
Jonny: Hi what is your name
Chris: Chris what is yours?
Jonny: Jonny C, what your last name?
Chris: Zip
Jonny: What is a zip, I said your last name?
Chris: Zip
Jonny: Why do you keep saying zip, what is your full name
Chris: Christopher Geraint Zip
Jonny: What a stupid last name - JacknLou1e

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15 Hanby

I would hate that last name... what's wrong with smith - jwileson

16 Middlesex

Or nonbinary?

There's a town called Middlesex village, but last name?... Unless they are transgender or something

Somebody was neutered to have dis name... :o


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17 insertlastnamehere

What the heck stupid

Da hell? - KingSlayer93316

LOL! - IcetailofWishClan

Yes. smart. more clever than anyone could've thought.

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18 Snow

The hunger games president has that last name

I would LOVE Snow to be my last name! It's just so amazing!

Love you Winter! Xx


I want my last name to be snow! that name is great! :3

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19 Cummings


Like Whitney Cummings the famous comedian

I knew a guy named Richard Cummings. People always called him Dick Cummings. I felt so bad for him.

lol sem

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20 Bonerz


There was an actor named Peter Bonerz. For real. You know, peter is slang for a dick. So Peter Bonerz really refers to Dick Bonerz - as in a hard dick. Peter. Bonerz. Get some!

21 Romney


22 Johnson

It's just... So... Boring! It's just another everyday last name, and it's not even that good. Especially when your first name John.

Common, plain and generic. But not stupid. It shouldn't be on here. It should go in the most boring common last names...

Johnston is cool, but Johnson is another name for your crotch - TheNewGuy132

So last year.

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23 Paul

Imagine being born with the name paul and your last name's also paul. "Paul paul? " And jake paul and logan paul actually made this last name worse

Jake Paul - StayAlive


Think of M.P. (the joke)
What your name?
Martin Pail - SilverEevee

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24 Combs

Like sean combs

25 Hitler

Hitler is stupid killed a lot of people killed his self and 4th famous person in the world


:guy your last name is Hitler?! : adel doyyye... :guy are y- you related to him! Adels mind: hehehe... Prank time :adel yep I am related to him and I shall AVANGE MEH GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHA MUAHAHAAHAHA...ha :guy AAAHh...----------__________

26 Butt
27 Seaman
28 Humperdink

Don't know why no one thought of it but it should be number 1.

Haha prince Humperdink is the worst

Your mom gay lol

There is a singer called Engelbert Humperdinck

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29 Fartmaster

I want this to be my last name

Teacher: "Fartmaster, Mr. John Fartmaster, are you absent. Students, do you know where John Fartmaster is? "Students: "Hehehehe..." Teacher: "WHAT!? "

30 Weiner

Weiner means Viennese in German... Or it might be Wiener. I forgot.

31 Cockburn

Best name ever

32 Bowles

This is insane... WHAT KIND OF LAST NAME IS THIS?!

33 Martin

The worst english teacher that steals my boots smh.

34 Cocks

It's dumb

35 Crapper

Want this last name so bad

Lel crapper

This is stupid

36 Sutton

I think sutton is the stupidest name for number 10 sutton is more than stupid like what the heck that's stupid

37 Fisher

This is not stupid what about mike fisher

I know someone with this last name. - Minecraftcrazy530

38 Peterson

My crotch aka my peter is my only son so that is pretty embarrasing to me - PePsMeX

The kids with this name smell weird

This is a nice name like peter pan

... that's my last name lol

39 Wickline

A kid in my class has this last name. It's sort of weird. - funnyuser

40 Jensen

I dated a Dakota Jensen, total stoner. He is going no where in life.

There is a teacher named Mrs. Jensen. How offending! :(

He was #1

Nikilas jensen plays for the rangers this is not stupid lets go nyr lets go

41 Bush

Hey! That's my surname! :P

42 Roaches

A kid in my second grade class had this name.

43 Raschak
44 McDonalds

Not stupid andrew mcdonald

I would eat this last name

What The Heck?

45 Sex

Now this is just hilarious

Imagine if you had a name like 'Goodat Sex' or 'ilik sex'

46 Judith

I once knew a girl named Janet Judith!

its ugly

47 Young

Perfect for an old man!

48 Salami

What on earth!

49 Watson


50 Norris

Norris is cool you could tell people you are related to Chuck Norris

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