Top Ten Stupidest Last Names


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21 Sucksballs

What's your daddy's name?

Oh yes who's your daddy?

22 Cummings

My bus driver's last name is Cummer. - Popsicles

23 Sutton

I think sutton is the stupidest name for number 10 sutton is more than stupid like what the heck that's stupid

24 Weiner
25 Fisher

This is not stupid what about mike fisher

I know someone with this last name. - Minecraftcrazy530

26 Wickline

A kid in my class has this last name. It's sort of weird. - funnyuser

27 Raschak
28 Hitler

Hitler is stupid killed a lot of people killed his self and 4th famous person in the world

Why 64? should be top 10 - GriffinDoge


:guy your last name is Hitler?! : adel doyyye... :guy are y- you related to him! Adels mind: hehehe... Prank time :adel yep I am related to him and I shall AVANGE MEH GREAT GREAT GREAT GRANDFATHA MUAHAHAAHAHA...ha :guy AAAHh...----------__________

29 insertlastnamehere V 2 Comments
30 Butt
31 Crapper V 2 Comments
32 Peterson

My crotch aka my peter is my only son so that is pretty embarrasing to me - PePsMeX

The kids with this name smell weird

This is a nice name like peter pan

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33 Jensen

I dated a Dakota Jensen, total stoner. He is going no where in life.

There is a teacher named Mrs. Jensen. How offending! :(

Nikilas jensen plays for the rangers this is not stupid lets go nyr lets go

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34 Bowles V 1 Comment
35 Bush
36 Norris

Norris is cool you could tell people you are related to Chuck Norris

37 Speckeater
38 Roaches

A kid in my second grade class had this name.

39 Moore V 1 Comment
40 McDonalds

Not stupid andrew mcdonald

I would eat this last name

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