Top Ten Stupidest Last Names


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61 Lovito
62 Liam

Liam is not a stupid name I know somebody named liam he's my friend

63 Guy

That would be weird, hi I'm Mrs. Guy.
There's a girl in my school with that name

There's a boy in my school with that name that's not stupid

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64 Sexton

I like this last name I guess

My aunts last name

65 Buttlin

Buttlin is my last name!

66 Dickinson

Just like the other guy suggested, it says dick in son. This is worse than every other one.

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67 Morgan
68 Roberts
69 Wayans
70 Lopez

That's my best friends last name. Don't mess with her. Unless you want to lose a finger

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71 Mars
72 Dengar
73 McCloud

Hey, Fox McCloud is a great video game hero. Why would you say that? Different opinion, I guess...

I wound not want to be related to that rubbish Fox McCloud. - TimeToGoToWorkClockIn

74 Irving

Lloyd Irving (from Tales of Symphonia) has that last name. Need I say more? - TimeToGoToWorkClockIn

Hey this is not stupid kyrie irving

75 Humperdink

Don't know why no one thought of it but it should be number 1.

Haha prince Humperdink is the worst

76 Savile
77 Manson

Charles Manson anyone?

78 Paltrow
79 Jewtopia
80 Drunkenia
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