Top Ten Stupidest List Ideas


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1 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than The Beatles

Before voting for this go to the bottom and vote for this list. Haha

It was clearly just a joke, the listmaker was obviously chuckling all the way through.

Well, obviously, wouldn’t it make more sense if the list was comparing the Beatles to be better than Justin Bieber? - JoeBoi

2 Top Ten Worst People
3 Top Ten Worst Musicians
4 Worst Beatles Songs

They do not have bad songs :/ - Gehenna

Beatleboy I know you like the Beatles -I do too- but they do have bad songs. There is nothing wrong with this list - jmepa123

5 Worst Led Zeppelin Songs
6 Worst Stanley Kubrick Movies
7 Best Justin Bieber Songs

That list already exists, and there aren’t any good Justin Bieber songs. - JoeBoi

8 Worst Beatles Albums
9 Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Gay/Lesbian

I think gay people are nasty no offense

10 Top Ten Stupidest List Ideas

Yes, this one takes the cake without a doubt.

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11 Worst Pink Floyd Songs
12 Top Ten Best Limbs
13 Top Ten Seasons

Top TEN seasons?! There's only 4!

14 Top Ten Days of the Week

Don't you mean, Top 7? - sandycheeks

15 Top 10 Reasons Why Girls Suck
16 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys

That's just plain sexist

17 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Stinkiest Farts

I'm laughing like a 7 yr old at this XDXDXD I wonder if that list was made...


18 Worst Countries
19 Top Ten Colors of the Rainbow
20 Top Ten Reasons Why Dora the Explorer is Better Than The Fairy Oddparents
21 Top Ten Best Things About Toilets
22 Top Ten Worst Things About Toilets
23 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Babies

I mean, everyone was a baby at once. - anonygirl

24 Top Ten Reasons Squidward Torture Is Better Than The Simpsons
25 Worst Lady Gaga Songs

Bruh shes pop perfection,and Country pop perfection - Izalien

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