Top Ten Stupidest List Ideas


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1 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Is Better Than The Beatles

Before voting for this go to the bottom and vote for this list. Haha

It was clearly just a joke, the listmaker was obviously chuckling all the way through.

2 Top Ten Worst People
3 Top Ten Worst Musicians

How is this stupid? Think about all the good items for it... Justin Bieber, Creed, Blood On The Dance Floor, One Direction... - Metal2003

4 Worst Beatles Songs

Beatleboy I know you like the Beatles -I do too- but they do have bad songs. There is nothing wrong with this list - jmepa123

5 Worst Led Zeppelin Songs
6 Worst Stanley Kubrick Movies
7 Best Justin Bieber Songs

How do you make a list about songs that don't exist, anyway? Who would waste their time making this list besides... JBL? - Metal2003

8 Worst Beatles Albums
9 Top Ten Reasons Not to Be Gay/Lesbian
10 Top Ten Stupidest List Ideas

Yes, this one takes the cake without a doubt.

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11 Worst Pink Floyd Songs
12 Top Ten Best Limbs V 1 Comment
13 Top Ten Seasons V 1 Comment
14 Top Ten Days of the Week

Don't you mean, Top 7? - sandycheeks

15 Top 10 Reasons Why Girls Suck
16 Top Ten Reasons to Hate Boys

That's just plain sexist

17 Top Ten Users of TheTopTens With the Stinkiest Farts V 1 Comment
18 Top Ten Colors of the Rainbow

How do you make a top ten list with seven items? - Metal2003

19 Top Ten Reasons Why Dora the Explorer is Better Than The Fairy Oddparents
20 Worst Countries
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