Top Ten Stupidest Mario Maker Features

the top ten pointless and stupid things in mario maker

The Top Ten

1 Animal Crossing Amiibos

Way to many - YOSHIA2121

2 Super Mario Bros 2 Amiibos When Their Isn't a Super Mario Bros 2 Theme

Why have the amiibos if they will skip right over the game and have only mario bros 1 and 3 - YOSHIA2121

3 Super Expert Mode

I'm not good enough to Unlock it! - ToadF1

Just more torture - YOSHIA2121

4 Mary O and All Those Dumb Characters

exactly - YOSHIA2121

5 Event Courses

So many more ways to get amiibos so they aren't needed - YOSHIA2121

6 The Mario Maker Bookmark Site

Even though I use it, not many others do, so nintendo wasted their time - YOSHIA2121

7 Item Limits

We need more stuff to be able to add - YOSHIA2121

8 Only One Color Yoshi in SMW and Nsmbu

We need more colors and maybe even baby yoshis - YOSHIA2121

9 Nintendo Takes Down Levels for Various Reasons

it sucks - YOSHIA2121

10 The Sample Levels in Coursebot

No one needs them - YOSHIA2121

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