The Top Ten Stupidest Minecraft Mobs

The Top Ten

1 Zombie

They don't care if they are burning. Skeletons are smart to find a dark place, but zombies don't. - Datguyisweird666

Silver fish sure is annoying, but that's something. Slimes can be a pain when their BIG and they divide. They are also useful for their slime ball. The zombie has nothing. It is weak, is slow as crap, common, has an annoying cry and gives a horrible spoil. Of course it's the worst mob! But that doesn't mean that they are a bad thing, since its just a classic and that we need weak mobs.

They come in big packs and if your getting your pickaxe out getting diamonds by lava then... Zombies

At least it's better than the zombies in half life. THOSE zombies just... Flat out lack of effort

2 Silver Fish

They are creepy.

Want to see a silverfish I did when I first got Minecraft I spawned it in the water thinking it was a FISH! I went to survival and died like that.

I though it was a fish, too! Then my friend told me it can hurt me, so I stayed out of the water after that

They are quit smart. They go in packs and swarm its enemy.

3 Slime

Ugh this should be first because when I'm on creative flat mode they are everywhere and when I kill them there's more and when I tried to get rid of them I died even though I was in creative mode they are annoying WHY Minecraft WHY?!?!

I did a test in creative where the slime couldn't see em. Would the slime go for the small farm? Answer? He went sytrait for it the second I spawned him. All they do is cause trouble to farms, divide into annoying tiny slimes, and the largest ones are even more of a pain!

I still like slimes. But its true on survival mode they get really annoying - anthonyj

I hate slimes all they do is jump at you and attack you and when you kill them they multiply. it's so annoying!

4 Squid

Just... Their face. They don’t even attack!

Leave the ' squid alone!

This kid put this on here because he is a fan of SkyDoesMinecraft - Datguyisweird666

I love squid! They peacefully glide around the water all day!

5 Magma Cube

I don't know I like them

Just as dumb as slimes.

Stupid things just like slimes

Just Like The Slimes. Show love. Magma cubes/lavaslimes are my second favorite mob. Really gotta put both on the list huh... Very Original

6 Chicken


7 Villager

They are very smart the can open doors and are the only mob that can trade and comunicate to other villagers and farmers are so smart when farming and they even give the other villagers food so remove these villagers!

Their nose is the size of a brick no wonder why they are so retarded.

They are so dumb, walking into walls at night, do nothing to take out the fire on them, and do anything dumb to die.

They tend to commit suicide. Their path finding system should be re-programmed - MChkflaguard_Yt

8 Endermite

Why do they need they ugly evil things

Silver fish that looks like purple - zme44

Hey are just like silverfishes. They only exist in Minecraft on computer. T

What are endermites. They're not even on Minecraft, they don'the even exist.

9 Cow

Not the brightest mob in the game - zme44


10 Pig

Meh not that smart - zme44

Trollolol that I ride him and fall in a cnyon and,

The End of Me and My Pig

The Contenders

11 Bacca

Can people please stop putting made up mobs onto these Minecraft lists? - Harri666

I know they're not actually mobs but none the less they're not too smart - zme44

You... YoU... YOU... are... A... Baka!

Made up mob

12 Creeper


Sometimes they just jump and look at you

13 Sheep

They just jump into water when they now they can't get back on land so I have to help them so I have to wast brocks.

They are so hard to move through and are so big and annoying

14 Skeleton

No, they actually are pretty smart. They can avoid sunlight, unlike Zombies, that stand there, burning

NO! They are smart enough to avoid sunlight

They are smart in the 1.9 update

One word: Darn Aimbotting (Okay, it was two words).

15 Rabbit

They jump at me when I have a carrot than when I feed them it they dount breed

Tey are SO stupid! These fools saw a carrot I was holding. They rushed to me and I hit them with the carrot.
But they didn't ran away! I had a nice, rabbit that evening.

16 Fish

Though they swim away when hurt, their effort of escaping players is questionable. You can swim towards them with ease and then kill them. dumb...

17 Guardian 1.8

He just shoots psybeams at you for no reason.

Guardian is Guardian,there are no such a mob called(Guardian 1.8)

18 Wolf

Until recent times, they wandered into lava. What a waste of getting bones, finding a snow biome, then finding a wolf.

My wolf died cuase he did not swim

One just jump on me for no reson.

19 Endermen

Endermen are awesome. By the way, that is what there are SUPOSSED to do. Chickens are stupid they would just walk into lava and they could not kill anything if they tried. Endermen can kill you and teleport before you shoot arrows at them. Wolves are also cool because they teleport also and you can tame them. But yeah, it is dumb how they wandered into lava but they don't really do that anymore.

He keep stealing my furniture in my house

Endermen are pretty smart compared to the rest. He can pick up and place blocks, teleport greatly in defse (ai is smart), etc.

They are dumb. I purposely look right into enderman's eye
and jumped onto some water and it teleported onto the water.
It squeeled and teleported back to land. I stared enderman's leg
and hook it with fishing rod and killed it with my enchanted diamond sword.

20 Slendermen
21 Lady Luna

This isn't in Minecraft...

It is so stupid and easy but it has 8000 heath

22 Dog
23 Ocelot

They r sooo shy I mean just eat the fish

24 Husk

Too dumb too see vilagr too darn slow

25 Ghast


26 Zombie Pigman
27 Bat
28 Wandering Trader
29 Vex
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