Top Ten Stupidest Movie Ripoffs


The Top Ten

1 Tappy Toes


This Is The Worst. Unlike The Real Happy Feet Movie, Tappy Toes Is 2D Instead Of 3D. Also, The Main Character Sounds Like Geo From Team Umizoomi.

2 The Little Panda Fighter
3 Mac and Me

It's just one big Advertisement! It's not even creative! - RaeMarie

This 1988 Mac and Me crap fest ripped off E.T. (1982). Now, as a 90's kid who loves 80's films, I love E.T. (1982) It was a tear jerker. I just saw Mac and Me like last week for the first time, and I was like, What the hell is this E.T. rip off? - KaylaRae897

4 Metal Man

Okay, lets take Iron Man, change the word iron to metal. How original, right?

What a terrible and stupid suit,right?

5 Sunday School Musical
6 Little Bee
7 A Car's Life

Looked it up on YouTube. The dad car is not too annoying and the dad car's voice is ok but Sparky on the other hand is an annoying whiny brat who screams and throws tantrums.

Awful movie. - Lunala


8 Kiara the Brave
9 Ratatoing
10 The Little Cars

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? Chop Kick Panda

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11 Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale

I never seen it but looking at the cover of the movie, it's pretty obvious that they actually copied Charlotte's Web.

12 Little Princess School
13 Tappy Feet
14 What's Up! Balloon to the Rescue!
15 Transmorphers

Even Michael Bay Would Hate This

16 Almighty Thor
17 Wings
18 Frozen Land
19 Braver Braver

Brilliant! They took the word "Brave" and added an "r" Lets give the creator of this title a million bucks! - RaeMarie

20 The Amazing Bulk
21 The Secret Life of Pets
22 Fifty Shades of Grey
23 Birdemic: Shock and Terror
24 Atlantic Rim
25 Hobgoblins
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