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1 The Twilight Saga: New Moon

This movie is annoying. I mean like that one kid in your writing class who picks his nose annoying. Watch something like "Let Me In. " It's much more graphic, and the characters are more realistic. And the mystery is, in Let Me In, you don't actually KNOW if she loves him. And instead of a guy coming to the rescue, it's a blood thirsty vampire. In here, there's a guy who rips his shirt off like every 2 minutes, another guy who seriously need's to get outside and get some sunlight and stop using 5 bottles of hair gel in the morning, and a girl who need's counseling. Seriously, all her boyfriend did was break up with her and apparently she has to jump off a cliff. Obsessive much?

I agree with you, it's so disgusting. Only for teenage girls. And stupid people. And people that always follow fashion. And people that don't know anything about cinema.

God all the Twilight movies are terrible.. Vampires do not Sparkle! God! When I first saw the first movie (not all of it thank god for the school bell) and I saw a Vampire sparkle I was so creeped out by it.

And also Werewolves do not walk on all fours! They run of all fours! And they do not transform without the full moon!

I can't list everything wrong with this movie or I might be in my late 50's. It is HORRIBLE! Miss Myers completely irradicates the fact that vampires DIE IN SUNLIGHT! That's right, in this movie, they sparkle. *COUGH- WHAT AN IDIOTIC IDEA-COUGH*. just don't watch it. - pinkmermaidgirl227

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2 High School Musical

At least Lemonade Mouth and Camp Rock has a better plot and MUCH better songs. This movie get's so annoying from the first time you ever see it!


stupid actors, stupid storyline, stupid songs with stupid lyrics! need I go on!

I find it ironic when someone uses the "r word" and can't even spell it right...Or were you trying to somehow be less offensive?

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3 Home On the Range
4 The Nut Job

Russian dub kicked all the crap out of this and turned it into an average okay-never-mind cartoon.

P.S. - Will Arnett is a fool.

5 Foodfight!

Worst computer animated movie ever


How to make the Foodfight movie.

1: Animate the film using earwax and toe jam.
2: Don't even write a script and have the voice actors say whatever comes to mind while the characters randomly move their mouths.
3: Make every character look like something from your worst nightmare.
4: Have each person be either annoying or unlikable so the audience hates it more.
5: Look in your kitchen and work every food mascot into the film.
6: Use food puns so often that it basically means that you guys are begging for you to laugh.
7: Motion control is great for CGI films, how about Xbox Kinect for the arm movement.
8: Speaking of movement, do it a lot, even if it means waving your arms in the air every time you speak or spinning around for no reason.
9: Show that you aren't scared to pass the boundaries and add sexual innuendos to every scene.
10: Barricade your house, stock on food and water and try to prepare your for a lot of hate mail and a few death ...more

6 Dangerously Close
7 Freddy Got Fingered

The pinnacle of modern comedy. Or as I like to call it, DING DONG! DING DONG! DING DONG! DING DONG! - xandermartin98

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8 Batman & Robin
9 Doug's 1st Movie

- foxrocks

10 Disaster Movie

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11 Alice in Murderland
12 Garfield - The Movie

Make This #1
I love Garfield and I really wanted to see the movie, but apparently 20th Century Fox knows absolutley NOTHING about the comic strip!

Garfield is honestly just like Diego from the ice age movies. Diego is much better but what is it about the FOOD!? My god! Have something more than just food!

Bill Murray regreted this in Zombieland and in real life, which means this movie is just awful. - InsertNameHere

Also a fake Arlene, Odie, Jon, and there's pretty much something diffrent about everyone

13 Justin Bieber's Believe

Good god, this singer didn't deserve a movie, he sucks. - doctorman

14 Norm of the North
15 Hannah Montana: The Movie
16 Fifty Shades of Grey
17 Ratatoing

The characters in this are literally the thickest life forms in every fictional universe anywhere. - Entranced98

Probably a copy of rattatoui

18 The Master of Disguise
19 Camp Rock

This is one of the worst pieces of crap Disney has ever made. A complete highschool musical rip-off, only it takes place in a camp. The plot of this movie is plain dumb, making lemonade mouth look like a master piece. The Jonas brothers suck ass, not even being able to keep their own show for a full 2 season. And the Disney actors can't sing.

I hate it so annoying, I slept when I saw it. it sucks dude don't watch this crap..

20 Killer Klowns from Outer Space
21 Bio-Dome
22 Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World
23 Cars 2

I am ashamed of Pixar for making this. - doctorman

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24 Jack and Jill
25 Baby Geniuses
26 A Car's Life
27 Troll 2
28 Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat
29 Fred: The Movie
30 Bolt
31 Date Movie
32 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
33 Bad News Bears (2005)
34 Bionicle: Mask of Light

There is failed editing in his movie!

35 Slaughtered Vomit Dolls
36 Planes
37 Justin Bieber: Never Say Never
38 Howard the Duck
39 Leprechaun
40 Harriet the Spy: Blog Wars
41 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
42 Glitter
44 Pokemon: The First Movie
45 Epic Movie
46 Spy Kids 3-D Game Over
47 Halloween III: Season of the Witch
48 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Stop putting Disney Classics on the list!

49 ReGOREgitated Sacrifice
50 The Dark Knight Rises
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