Stupidest Music Top Ten Lists

These are the top ten list that really silly and should have never been created.

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1 Stupidest Music Top Ten Lists

I really have nothing against this list, I just love the irony.

Laugh out loud... Just laugh out loud... I had to vote for this. It's too funny. Whoever made this list had to have known this was gonna happen!

haha stupidest music top ten lists on the list of stupidest music top ten lsts - footballanytime

Admin: Looks like we should put this list in music, it's stupid! *puts in* - TeamRocket747

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2 Ugliest American Idol Contestant

This is one was just so mean. No one has the right to call someone ugly! I mean come on why would they really make this list? I bet the person who made this is not so attractive and an American Idol reject.

really? well there is senjiya or however his name is spelled - Rocky5

I'm sorry but no one has the right to call someone else ugly, that's just mean :(((((((

Who ever has made this list is a bloody racist

3 Best 8 Minute Songs by Metallica or Guns n' Roses


Exactly what I was thinking, fireinside96. Some people here are so subjective. - PositronWildhawk

I laughed so hard I started crying when I saw this on the list. I have the weirdest sense of humor. - LordOfTheOnionRings

jaja that could be a so stupid top 20 list jaja ;D - andres101

4 The Best Bands with a Number in the Band Name

This doesn't even make any sense! Why even make this list? If you're favorite band happens to have a number in it but can't make it to the top ten of a normal list, you make a stupid list like this to get credit for the band. LAME!

Twenty-one pilots and Blink 182, can't think of anything else. - WonkeyDude98

Although "Stupidest music top ten list", "Ugliest American Idol Singer" and "Best rappers of all time" could also get a high position.
AAND I don't understand the "Worst Singer Of Today": all music of today sounds the same and the singers of today are all LAME (there still are good music and good singers today, but... )

5 Music Artists You'd Like To Perform At the London 2012 Opening Ceremonies

And this one is popular?

2012 is long gone...

This item is so bad that it is on THIS list twice. - NuMetalManiak

Remove London 2012 and this list would be okay. - naFrovivuS

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6 Worst Singers of Today

Most of the music singers listed here are teenagers. Yes, they used to be popular and listened by millions, but now. I believe Justin Beiber, Rebecca Black and most of them n this list are overhated. I mean, it's been three years since Baby was released. Yes, Baby is a terrible song, but at least Justin has mad better songs afterwards. Friday is one of the most rubbish piece of junk I've ever heard, but at least Rebecca has gone on to make better songs. - hussaintalib

Ok, you people are saying "put down" lists are silly, and immature, but you're voting on one? - vanishing_truth

A lot of the singers from the list were from the "teen pop" boom that happened in 2009 towards 2011, which is probably why Rebecca, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are still top. - Swellow

I hate Selena Gomez part

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7 Why Justin Bieber is Better Than The Beatlea

I never listened to the Beatles before. But they most definitely outrank Justin Bieber. - 906389

This list is the reason I hate humanity - kaitlynrad11

Is the person who made this list a human?
Where can I find him/her

Nobody is gonna mention the typo nobody ok - Thecyanryan

8 Least Desirable Female Singers

Glad that selena gomez is not on the list

9 Music Artists You'd Like To Perform At the London 2012 Opening Ceremonies
10 Reasons to Hate Metal

Metal is a respectable genre on its own, but its fanbase is one of the most hateable things to ever exist. - WonkeyDude98

What kind of sane person will make this list? A dumbass or a directioner?

Well, there are disadvantages in metal, but you can't create AT LEAST 5 valid reasons for it.

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11 Best Rappers of All Time

Mainstream rap is stupid always about drugs, sex, money and hoes. But underground rap is the best the rap about meaninfull true stuff under ground rap bring true rhythm and poetry at its best. Rappers are ver intelligent since they need to use there heads to create rhymes, puns, similes metaphors etc but mainstream rap is stupid

Best rapper? What? I thought rap was just a kind of music everybody made fun of because it sucks so bad. Oh my gosh. This should be number one. It's not even music it's just people talking fast about drugs, clubs, booties, and other scrappy song ideas.

The only rapper I like is Eminem because he talks about problems and not about booty like nicki minaj

Eminem, Rakim, Kendrick Lamar (debuted in 2011, still relevant), 2PAC, B.I.G.gie, Lakim Shabazz, Tech N9ne, Dr. Dre, Run the Jewels, Lupe Fiasco, NAS, Lil Wayne (before 2007)

Oh, what a horrible list. - WonkeyDude98

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12 Best Nicki Minaj Songs

This list should be removed because users are dislikes him. - 05yusuf09

She doesn't have songs. How can you even make such a list?

She has a large number of good songs, but most reside in the depths of the Pinkprint where only the three worst songs on the album charted at all. - WonkeyDude98

13 Top Ten Most Tragic Deaths

I remember seeing a comment on this list saying something like "You people really need to get over Kurt Cobain and realize how sad John Lennon's death was! " and it was horrendous. You shouldn't be competing over a "worst" or "most tragic" death. Just because someone misses one person more than yours, you shouldn't be begging people to miss another person more than another. Plus, this list is just flat out stupid - kaitlynrad11

Death should not be a competition.

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15 Top Ten Songs I Can't Believe I Used to Like

I either hate a song and then like it after a while or I like it all the time! I will never go off a song that I already like

I only saw ONE song on that list that I can't believe I once liked. Also, WHY IS FIX YOU ON THERE?! That song is well written and meaningful, and, Coldplay are a great band.

when I like a song, I always like it - Music

16 Top Musicians Killed in Plane Crashes

That's direspectful and silly...

1. Buddy Holly
2. The Big Bopper
3. Ritchie Valens
That's it. - naFrovivuS

17 Worst Bands Ever

The have awesome bands like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Kiss, Slipknot, Nirvana, Slayer, Rage Against The Machine, etc...

The list was filled with amazing bands...
it didn't make any sense!

all the lists here are no. 1 they insult people thats why they are stupidest - ronluna

Hey, so long as 1D are first. - IronSabbathPriest

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18 Cities With The Best Rappers
19 Why Breadwinners Is Better Than Pink Floyd V 1 Comment
20 Most Annoying Solo Artists or Groups

Can't stand people making nasty comments. That is OK if you don't like some of the artists, but you don't have be mean.

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