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21 Why Breadwinners Is Better Than Pink Floyd V 1 Comment
22 Worst Rock Voices

I'm with you "ronlunda"... this list and all the other "WORST" lists are really bad having many good artists on it... - Scorpion

all worst and pull down lists should be here, they are all no. 1 for me - ronluna

23 Top Ten Songs About Time
24 Best Songs of 2016

@metaltreasure, so having a lot of metal songs on a list makes you a pop and rap fan, which isn't even a bad thing.

I may not like Megadeth, but really? - WonkeyDude98

A list created in Nov 2015 that consisted of 6 Megadeth song titles from their upcoming album (2016). The author is a rap and pop music fan (not even a metalhead...)
I didn't even comment there because I didn't want to feed. - Metal_Treasure

25 Best Solo Male Artist in the Philippines

This is kind of wrong, I mean, if you make list of Best solo male artist in Philippines then there should be also list of Best solo male artist from countries all over the world.

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26 Reasons Nicki Minaj Is a Better Artist Than the Beatles V 1 Comment
27 Worst Living Rock Musicians
28 Reasons Why Facebook is Way Better Than Metal Music
29 Top Ten L'Arc-en-Ciel Songs (Laruku Only)

the title says l'arc-en-ciel and its obviously all songs of the band there is no need to put (Laruku Only). I'm a fan and its very insulting - ronluna

30 Worst Rock Band Of All Time

Nickelback deserves the list by being overly bland and energy-less for rock. The Jonas Brothers deserve the list by straddling the lines between Disney and rock way too much. Creed deserves the list by existing. I could go on, but you get my point. It's a good list. - WonkeyDude98

How are Coldplay, a very talented alternative rock band that makes meaningful and amazing music, number 8 on a list of WORST rock bands? Also, that Diary of A Wimpy Kid band made the list. That's NOT a real band. That is how messed up the list is.

All rock bands are good. Rock and metal are two of the best music genres ever created! "Worst Band Of All Time" is more suitable, there's bands that try hard and never sound good.

31 Top Ten Worst Artists Ever
32 Least Talented Female Musicians V 1 Comment
33 Best Japanese Live Songs

biased list and almost all the songs only favoring x-japan. create list like x-japan best live songs not this biased list - ronluna

34 Best Bands with Colorful Names
35 Top 10 Songs People Sing Everyday

What? Why was the list even created? NAME 1 person who sings that exact song everyday

36 Best Justin Bieber Songs

List after watching video: Top 10 ways to commit suicide - shawnmccaul22

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37 Bands Would You Most Like Not To See Live Again
38 Worst Divas Of All Time
39 Worst Female Rocker Of All Time

The worst list ever... - 05yusuf09

40 Worst 70's Songs
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