Stupidest Myths in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

All the myths on this list have a webpage on GTA Myths Wiki if you want to see them yourself here is the link:

The Top Ten Stupidest Myths in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

1 Ghost Traffic Light

I'm not joking there is a page for this on Grand Theft Auto Myth wiki this myth is said to be a traffic no wait sorry a GHOST traffic light underwater as if it couldn't get any spookier it attacks you when you go near it...

this is obviously a false myth but it's so stupid that it will make you laugh your ass off - christangrant

2 Bikini Bottom

Who the hell actually believes Bikini Bottom the city from Spongebob is in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas my god people are so stupid they obviously don't know how that's impossible and if Rockstar put it in the game anyway to quote AVGN "There would be lawsuits up the ass" - christangrant

3 Slender Man

How the hell is a character that didn't even exist in 2004 in San Andreas? - christangrant

4 Squidward's Suicide

So scary dors his head blow up when he start fighting CJ?

See Slender man - christangrant

5 Secret Island

There is a secret island across the sea. Spent more than half an hour to get there but it seemed like endless sea. Annoying myth. - zxm

What makes this myth so stupid is supposedly if you go and swim as far away from San Fierro as possibile there is a secret island and there all the spooky myths like Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, Mothman, and the creepy locations like the Hell House are on that island. - christangrant

6 Pyramid Head

This is the villain from Silent Hill 2 yeah I bet Konami would been happy to have Rockstar put him in San Andreas - christangrant

7 King Kong

If players can not find Bigfoot how the hell are they going to find King Kong? - christangrant

8 Chucky

Chucky "Supposedly" spawns at Grove Street but guess what you will never find him - christangrant

9 Ring Girl

Similar to Chucky but she is not in the game not even a reference - christangrant

10 Norman Bates

The picture they have on the wiki isn't even Norman Bates it's his mom and no he is not in this game if you wait for hours at CJ house he is "supposed" to appear but he never will because he's not in the game. - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Hellhounds
12 Ghostface
13 Pocong
14 Dinosaurs
15 Skeletons

Skeletons that come to life and Kill you yeah bs that never happens - christangrant

16 Headless Man
17 Nemesis

This is a character from the Resident Evil games - christangrant

18 The Truth's Ghost
19 Lizardman
20 Pinhead
21 Ku Klux Klan
22 Columbine
23 Fire Dog
24 Werewolf
25 Chupacabra
26 Cave Demon
27 Cave Monster
28 Fisher's Lagoon Creatures
29 Tunnel Creature
30 Kuntilanak
31 Bear
32 Strange calls every night at 3:33 am

So yeah the call is like this:
Cj : who is this?
Unknown:...*weird sound in the phone call at silent hill*
CJ is supposed to say
so false or FAKE alarm warning do u agree Christian?

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