Top 10 Stupidest Names

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181 Brogan

It sounds like Braden and Logan, but the parents couldn't make up their mins

182 Catman V 2 Comments
183 Hebrew V 1 Comment
184 Anayanisha
185 Jagat
186 Zahra

My girl friend is named like this but it's Zara not Zahra!

V 1 Comment
187 Gean
188 Kaze
189 Jaxon

Hey my guy friend is named jackson you meanies

My brothers name is Jackson you meanies!

Spelled wrong, but I saw a Jaxckson, which I think is pronounced either jacks-claim or jaHOOIICKson.

190 Ronner
191 Mechelley V 1 Comment
192 Tallulah V 2 Comments
193 Bronze

This person is going to have a membership at a tan salon because these kind of people are always tan

Better have siblings named Gold, Copper and Silver.

194 Egypt

Why would you name your child after a country?

V 1 Comment
195 Ethan

How is Ethan a bad name? I have a kid in my class with the name ethan and he's pretty popular

My brothers best friends name is Ethan and he is pretty nice

This one kid named Ethan Tocco is at my school and it's not a bad name he's pretty cute

V 3 Comments
196 Danny

Love this name it is the name of my two favourite footballers and it's the name of my little cousins step dad and my cousins boyfriend

Hey my guy best friend is named. That

197 Jake V 3 Comments
198 Olin

That is kind of cute

199 Cody V 1 Comment
200 Boysie
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