Top 10 Stupidest Names

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201 Kenisha
202 Iziaha
203 Munial
204 Fallace

Isn't it just another word for a dildo?.
Willy fallace is in my class anyway

205 Don V 1 Comment
206 Pear

I'm Hungry why don't I just have a pear...

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207 Raymond

Doesn't everyone love that guy though?

208 German V 1 Comment
209 Klay
210 Orlando

Who names their kid Orlando? It's a stupid name

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211 Dac
212 Bryson

All the people with this name in my experience have been complete douches

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213 Teegan V 2 Comments
214 Mackenzie

It's a boys name and its pretty stupid and is often a bullies stupid name who think they are all sexy yuck

I'm sorry that's my friend Patrick last name

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215 Bella

It's just sorta dumb and a name a sucked up snitch would have

Bella means beautiful in French I think

Someone in my class has this name


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216 Kelly

It's the name of a person who think they are it but there not there ugly geeks

217 Molly

It's just out of fashion right now sorry if your name is Molly because you have a name from the seventies

I'm sitting next to a Molly right at this moment.

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218 India

Why have a name of a country it's really stupid

Its Almost says Indian and Indians are bad

Hey! I'm a Indian who lives in India.

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219 Chyna Chyna Chyna was an American professional wrestler, glamour model, pornographic film actress, and bodybuilder.

It's so dumb and usually the name of a girl who is a piss take

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220 Helen

The name is just weird

Did you com from hell

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