Top 10 Stupidest Names

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221 Makara
222 Da'carlo
223 Topanga

Worst name I ve ever heard it's just so stupid topanga would make me feel so stupid

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224 Abenaya
225 Suzana V 1 Comment
226 Mohit

We had a kid at my old old school named that.

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227 Tullulah

That is so dumb that it is almost good

228 Superman

Well I will go die in a ditch now because that is just too much for me to handle

I'll just jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and laugh...

Some man just want to see the world burn

2 children got named superman in the uk it is now banned in New Zealand some parents are stupid (i get the humour and stuff) but boy do I feel sorry for those kids

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229 Hitler Mussolini

There was actually someone called that I mean come on that's like 2 of the most famous and evil power seeking dictators I know

Are you telling me people actually name their kid this?! I have lost faith in humanity.

Their parents should be arrested

These parents need to be in jail

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230 Jesus

When someone calls you people think you're calling the holy spirt

My little sister asks a waiter named Jesus why he's named that

Well at least no one can pick on him like you can't pick on JESUS

That should be illegal.

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231 Storm

That is a superhero

This one and the one under it are like rok star names

232 Night-Mare

A night mare child of any gender

Look at the storm comments

233 Pablo V 2 Comments
234 Bobo

"You will grow up to be great son" "doing what" "taking my job as a hilarious/horrific clown"

I worked for a veterinarian with this as his last name

ARE you a monkey or something

Bobo what the heck.

235 July

It would be ironic if she was born in June!

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236 Deco

Like a deco cards

237 Mattye V 2 Comments
238 Narsisee

Really? Your such a narcissist its your name?

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239 Aquanita

I like that name! It is my friend's name

What is this? If aqua an had a daughter?

That is hard to say

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240 Zhirsty

My receptionist name is zhirsty. Really now? Your mom has no sense

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