Top 10 Stupidest Names

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261 Lyndsey

That's not how you spell cross bread

262 Rafe V 2 Comments
263 Anastacia
264 Benson

This is so wrong

265 Cedric
266 Daniel

The name is boring

Hey, that's my name.

Damn Daniel

Damnn Daniel

267 Shulk

Shulk is the main character of Xenoblade Chronicles. This does not make it less stupid.

She-hulk and hulk had a baby and named their sweet child shulk

That sounds like the hulk

TF is Xenoblade Chronicles

268 Will

My Name Is William -_-

269 Diego

Go diego go

270 Jerelyn

That is a very country name

V 1 Comment
271 Dagan

My name is Dagan yeah it's dumb but I have 13 other friends that names are spelled with a "D"

So my name is so hard to pronounce

Day-gan is how you say it

272 Bajkawanajs

What form of autism did this parent have?

V 1 Comment
273 Bergenshmakin V 2 Comments
274 Griselda
275 Clay

I'm gonna carve you into a shoe then glaze you botch

276 Cliff
277 Graham
278 Lancelot V 1 Comment
279 Luigi V 1 Comment
280 Leopold
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