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261 Jerelyn

That is a very country name

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262 Dagan

My name is Dagan yeah it's dumb but I have 13 other friends that names are spelled with a "D"

So my name is so hard to pronounce

Day-gan is how you say it

263 Bajkawanajs

What form of autism did this parent have?

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264 Bergenshmakin V 2 Comments
265 Griselda
266 Clay

I'm gonna carve you into a shoe then glaze you botch

267 Cliff
268 Graham
269 Lancelot V 1 Comment
270 Luigi V 1 Comment
271 Leopold
272 Madylinn
273 Harmony
274 Sigal

My sister has a friend Sigal. I think it is a hebrew name and means violet or something like that it just always reminds me of seagulls

275 Amiella

I met someone this week called Amiella. It's a really stupid name

276 Saige

Saige is a really stupid name! It's like Sage but spelt wrong

277 Brooklyn

Seriously? Who names their child after a place in New York

278 Bryleigh

What kind of name is Bryleigh? It's really ugly and has no meaning

279 Muhammad

Worst Name... Every Muslim seems to have this name or a variant of this... Name of a Pedophile, Cheat, Barbarian - Bramhastra

This isn't stupid! One of the best boxers of all time had this name! So shaddap.

280 Susan V 1 Comment
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