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21 Wang

That is a real name peeps so back off

Only Asians have this name!

In China it's a real name.

Bruh how is this 55?

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22 Enoc

It should be considered abuse to name your child this, you might as well just call then fugly - Celestius

It is a name I have never heard before and it sounds lame. Really lame.

in what country do people even have the name enoc? sookie should be right up here with enoc, though

What's wrong with this name I don't get it - Iamdaschel

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23 Igor

I live in croatia and this is an everyday name.-.

This is a common name in many parts of the world and it is not hard to pronounce so it shouldn't be on this list.

That's actually a common European name

What's dumb is that this name is on the list.

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24 Lartweefa

Is that even a name? It sounds like fart

That's my name ): I feel utterly defeated

Lol I feel bad for dude

Fart queefa

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25 Ball

Great name

26 Bronx Mowgli Wentz

Is this even a NAME? I can't even PRONOUNCE it!

I think that's someone vomiting while talking!

Is this even a name?


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27 Pandora

Pandora was a Greek mythological figure before the app and Jewelry. All of these comments about those, in my opinion, are quite stupid. There is basic research to be done. The Greek Pandora was created by the gods to take revenge on Prometheus for stealing their fire. However, Zeus gave her many gifts, including the gift of curiosity. One day, Zeus gave her a box that she was never to open. Finally, her curiosity got the best of her and she opened the box, thus letting out all of the bad in the world, and when all was emptied, one thing remained--hope.
In short, Pandora is a very pretty name, unless the name is clouded with popular culture, but the myth isn't very good either. If I was promised no one would think about the app or Jewelry, I would name my daughter Pandora. Thank you for reading. I hope you take this comment to heart. Have a nice day.

Somebody walks up to you and says "i'm Pandora and you go, Ooh I have that app too". Then the person says "i'm Pandora". Then you start rolling on the floor laughing and the person throws an iPhone at you, and it has a Pandora app on it.

Pandora sounds like more of a name for animals. My friend/neighbor had a goat named Pandora, but she couldn't keep her because Pandora would be stubborn when we tried to milk her. So we sold her and her babies. It's a nice name for animals I guess.

It not stupid it's beautiful, It means all gifted!

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28 Dora

Is this a real name? I thought it was just a nickname. Besides, who would want to name their kids after the monstrosity known as "Dora the Explorer."
Maybe Tonks didn't like her name because it had Dora in it, but I don't know. I feel sorry for her - her nickname is Dora.

Does she have siblings named Backpack and Map? And a pet Monkey named Boots and a pet fox named Swiper?

Why would you name your kid after a kids character? Everyone will make fun of it!

My great-great grandma was named Dora. - Drewman1211

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29 Fazbear
30 Darrell

I have a friend name Darrel and I don't think the name is stupid

I don't think it is funny

Don't think is stupid

He's gay

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31 Martin

The name Martin is a name that encourages awesomeness and the most triumphant of human beings to prosper. From days of yore when the name Martin meant "King of Excellence and all things sexual" to today where its meaning has not changed. The name is synonymous with the wisest of men and the most sexually dominant of the male species.

What's wrong with that name? Best name ever man I love it

Wasn't Martin a thief and a liar in one of those Enid Blyton books about the Naughtiest girl? He is pretty nasty, and guys wasn't Martin a Roman general or something in Julius Caesar's time? Yeah well whatever.

SKinny dong

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32 Lynn

Isn't there a street King's Lynn somewhere?

Lynn's my sister's middle name; it's awesome!

It's my favourite name what's wrong with it or it is just me that this website is stupid

So is mine...

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33 Calliou



34 Pimplypoop

The parents must be signing a deal for their son to be bullied.

What the fudge!? Who the hell names there child Pimplypoop! It obviously says Pimply*POOP* These people are getting on my nerves

It has the word POOP in it. If you have this name you should change it IMMEDIATELY (respect my opinion)

I have pimples, and I poop! I should rename myself

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35 Thomas

Hey! My name is Thomas :( why is this a stupid name?

There is nothing wrong with this either it is a nice name and there's nothing wrong with it

This is actually a nice name. Considering there's 5 whole Thomas's in my High-School.

He ugly but gots a big dick

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36 Airwrecka

Were people too stupid and misspelled Erica or what?

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37 Pikachu

"Hi I'm Pikachu! I have 717 siblings, such as Squirtle, Mew and Mewtwo, Charmander (the favourite) and Skitty!

If you don't know what this is, (which I'm sure everybody's heard by now) it's the name of an animal from the franchise Pokemon.

Who the heck would want to name there child pikachu

I bet my 24 year old cousin would do that to someone.

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38 Jeff

Only because of that stupid Vine.

There was a Jeff in my first grade class

Jeff is not weird

And become an internet creepypasta later? no

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39 Laqueefa
40 Beter

Hey beter

This is the worst name ever. Hey 🅱️eter

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