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61 Jordan

I have a friend named Jordan that's gay and his

Jordan is such a stupid name

My SISTER'S name is Jordan!


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62 Hashtag

Hello, my name is #, what's yours?

This name is efin stupid why name you kid after an out of style trend at least keep up to date

This kid better be Instaglam.


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63 Sofia

This is not a stupid name my friend is named Sofia

Like sofia the first

What not nice

64 Penos

What is this who names there kid almost spelled like penis

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65 Barley

I was scrolling down the page thinking, "these names aren't that bad," but then I saw this. Seriously? While this isn't a really bad name, the kid is probably made fun of all the time. Poor kid.

That's a dog name

See the "L"? add 2 more letters in it

66 Latarian V 1 Comment
67 Alana

Its not that bad

Alana is defferently not a bad name


68 Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii

Fun Fact: This is illegal

Junior Kindergarten scenario. (I put the spelling wrong because a little 4 year old would probably pronounce words like that)
Teacher: Hi, honey! What's your name?
Kid: Tawuwa does the huwa fom hawii.
Teacher: Come on, don't be shy.
Kid: that's actuawy my name.
Teacher: Okay, then. (Thinks, "this kid is a liar")
Kid: Ooh! We get to make name tags?
Teacher: Of course, Uh, Taluka does the hula from Hawaii.
Kid: Whoa is Talula?
Teacher: I don't know anymore.

69 Nicky

Hey. My name is Nikki. What is wrong with that name. A lot of people tell me how much they like my name. How in the world is Nikki a stupid name?

Nikki is good but not nicky

What about nicki Minaj

Nicky dicky

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70 Debby

Debby is A. Beautiful. And strong name

I get the image of an obese woman who teaches kindergarten and likes Greek salad.

"Yeah my girlfriend DEBBY was over and-" "DEBBY?...WHO'S DEBBY? "

My friends moms name is Debby!

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71 Julianna

Why would you just smash two perfectly normal names into this monstrosity?!

That's my friends little sister fiends name

Whats Wrong With This? My Name is Julianna

My mom's name is Julianna :(

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72 BonQueshia

Wow. It sounds as if you named your child after a plastic Barbie Doll that didn't turn out so well.

Looks like someone got their French and Weirdo mixed up.

I'm named that

What is this?! Why would you give your poor child such a stupid name?!

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73 Leedle

Patrick Star: Leedle Leedle Leedle Lee.

What don't name your kids this. Hey this is Patrick Star: leedle leedle leedle lee.

Your NOT gonna REALLY name your kid that, are you?

You're seriously going to name your child after a Patrick Star quote? - Catacorn

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74 Ash

Gotta catch 'em all.

I think ash is a cool name!

I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was.

Giving this name to your child will make him a butthurt loser
proceed anyways?

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75 Aimee

Gods this is a dumb name. Maybe it is good for other people, but for me it will be the stupidest name I have ever heard.

What is with all the butchered spellings?!

It's just like 'Amy' but spelt differently but it looks quite stupid.

Well this is unfair, this is not a stupid name at all

76 Bob

Bob is a great name

You can never take a person, with the name BOB, ever seriously.

HA HA bob such a funny name

HEY! MY NAME is BOB and I'm offended. Just because its considered and lame and "Random" name does NOT mean the it is funny. All yall Felicia just don't know cool. yall dummys don't even probably know how to dabb. or whip the quan.or hit the bay bay. I'm sorry but yall just don't even knowcwhat cool is. (yeah das righ). now if we get more problems CASH ME OUSSIDE HOW BOUT that!

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77 Noah

Noah is an awesome name I like it

Really that's a guy at my school named Noah

This name is that of a homosexual

Gay name

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78 Barack

Obama and Osama are worse than Barack

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79 Aiden

Aiden is a really cool name

Well, this just jumped from 100 to 57 by one vote

What does it mean

80 Milk

How can you name your kids this and not be muddled. Imagine if you named your kids that and accidentally left him in the supermarket and telling your husband/wife to take him home because you're a lazy ass. 'Hun, we need to get milk from the supermarket'.

You can only name your baby that before it becomes a baby

Who is retarded enough to name their kid milk?

Hi Milk

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