Top 10 Stupidest Names

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81 Shanara

That's a name of a book series

82 Liam

It's a normal, but ugly name

That is my neighbor's bane

Like on one direction

That's my cusions boyfriend name

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83 Jesse

There is a guy with diobetes in my class named Jesse

so weird

jerry wang

jesse j

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84 A'legend

Well u are what your called they always say

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85 Ginger

Who will use a colour name

Because it is stupid

My friend is a ginger

I love the name Ginger :D

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86 Kaylee

How is this one dumb?

This is a basic ass name

Kaylee is not a stupid name it's my sisters name

87 Kaleb

Why is this a stupid name

What this is my name haha - HollowArrow

Warwolf18/hawk hates this - EliHbk

88 Morgan

I have two best friends named Morgan. One is a boy and one is a girl.

My friends sister is named Morgan? Why is it on 53 it should be like 631

This is not a STUPID name that is my Ann's name

This is my name...

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89 Cornwallis

I hate those persons parents for hating their child

Yeah but then you could be called Corney and who doesn't want that?

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90 LaShawna

... My name is LaShawna and I love it. Unique twist to a simple name, such as shawna or shawn.

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91 Luke

That's my boyfriends name

This is actually my Favourite boys name ever and it is also the name of Luke Hemmings who is an amazing music artist In The rock band 5 seconds of summer

Hey that's my friends name

Hey I like this name and

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92 Dan

Dan is an awesome name

100% awesome of a name!

Worst ever

My friend�'s name is dan

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93 Timmy

Timmy is not stupid

That is my name...

My dad is name is Timmy so shut the f up

Timmy : yes mother (shoots dog)
dog: (dyeing noises)
Mom: for a walk timmy...

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94 Zlatan V 3 Comments
95 Jerlyn

I know an old friend named that

96 Asian

Calling 'Come here, Asian' will make everyone around you think that you're racist.

Who would name their name Asian

Ugh. Might as well call your kid African, Australian, British or American.

Maybe Asia but I wouldn't go HERE

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97 Oluwatimilehin

That's my African name

98 Dominick

That's my name silly

Who the hell are you

99 Chloe

This name is nothing but precious. When I say Chloe I feel good. It's also my cousin's name

Its an awesome name because its mine

Nothing wrong with this name


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100 Ryan

It's a name of a school in my country India and in that school my friend studies!

This names sounds so girly, stupid and gay

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