Top 10 Stupidest Names

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101 Brad

Sounds like you went to the supermarket and desired to name your kid the first thing on your grocery list.

This is my Daddy's name and he is strong so if you have a problem we can meet up anywhere!

I have a cousin named Brad what is wrong with it. He is in the military. I like the name.

102 Johnson


Johnson is awesome to me like what guys! >=(

103 Esmeralda

This is a beautiful name! Why is this here.

Sounds like someone from narnia or something.

104 Brenden

I think Brenden is a stupid name as it has no meaning and sounds like you just can't spell Brandon right

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105 Owen

My name is Owen

I hate this name

Owen Is A Great Name...

Plus My Friends Name is Owen...

106 Zoe

Zoe's a lovely name. I have a BFF named Zoe. Remind me - WHY IS THIS LOVELY LOVELY NAME ON HERE! Jeez, people!

That's a cute name not a stupid name!

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107 Farrah

That's my name so who added this? (Flips the bird)

Isn't she the heroine in Prince of Persia?

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108 LeBron

Looks like a French name

Let's hope your child is a basketball star because you named him LeBron.

Isn't that a name of a NBA star?

LeBrons James is a gimp

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109 Edwin

It's mine and I hate it

Ah your nanemss dsaedwin

110 Jeffrey

Jeff Kinney full name is Jeffrey Kinney

111 Michelle

Michelle is NOT A bad name it is a cool name it is normal

On full house there is a girl named Michelle so don't say that the name is dumb or stupid!

My mum/mam is called Michelle and She is a wonderful lady! This is a completely normal name that I love

This is a cool nane

112 Keith

Am I the only one that hates this name? It sounds like teeth and heath.

Hey that's my uncle name

I hate this name too!

Hey that's my uncle name 😡

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113 Peter

What's wrong with peter?

Peter Griffin.

Is Katniss coming too?

Family Guy.

114 Sabian
115 Wendell

Yeah. I think Wendell rocks!

This name is cool.

116 Lisa

Lisa isn't a stupid name! That's my friends name and she was really nice.

Some of these comments are
Mean just because you don't like the name doesn't mean the people are bad

You might as well just name your son Bart.

That is my best best best friends name is so shut the it up that is rude we don't what your ugly comments 😒😒😒

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117 Mikeal
118 Caitlyn

That's my name. Spelled Kaitlyn though

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119 Jackson

Because all Bullies are named Jackson

You can't judge a person on there name just like you can't judge a book by its cover not everyone called Jackson is a bully

Not true, I have a friend named Jackson and he's very nice


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120 Broderick

Its just stupid and unnecessary

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