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121 Michelle

Michelle is NOT A bad name it is a cool name it is normal

On full house there is a girl named Michelle so don't say that the name is dumb or stupid!

My mum/mam is called Michelle and She is a wonderful lady! This is a completely normal name that I love

This is a cool nane

122 Keith

Am I the only one that hates this name? It sounds like teeth and heath.

Hey that's my uncle name

I hate this name too!

Hey that's my uncle name 😡

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123 Peter

What's wrong with peter?

Peter Griffin.

Is Katniss coming too?

Family Guy.

124 Sabian
125 Wendell

Yeah. I think Wendell rocks!

This name is cool.

126 Lisa

Lisa isn't a stupid name! That's my friends name and she was really nice.

Some of these comments are
Mean just because you don't like the name doesn't mean the people are bad

You might as well just name your son Bart.

That is my best best best friends name is so shut the it up that is rude we don't what your ugly comments 😒😒😒

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127 Mikeal
128 Caitlyn

That's my name. Spelled Kaitlyn though

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129 Jackson

Because all Bullies are named Jackson

You can't judge a person on there name just like you can't judge a book by its cover not everyone called Jackson is a bully

Not true, I have a friend named Jackson and he's very nice


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130 Broderick

Its just stupid and unnecessary

131 Meth

May the Good Lord hear my prayer for this kid.

I met a kid with this name in an alley

I need to meet this kid


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132 Jedediah

How is this a stupid name. At least it isn't an ordinary boring name - Jed230

133 Tyson

Tyson? Like the chicken nuggets?

134 Art

That is an unlikely to pick that name

It would suck if they were bad at art

This is a RETARTED name


135 Precious

It is nice calling somebody precious!

It is just dumb

Smeagol says that in the hobbit

136 Nimrod

The stupidest name ever is RORY! Sounds like Scooby Doo talking... rello roorrre

137 Van

Oh no I will add this to part 3 of top 10 stupidest names in the world

It is so stupid+ I have a dumb friend named that too - Joeman8000

138 Kimbra
139 Joshy

Too many joshes so why don't you make "joshy"

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140 Leon

REALLY! One of my best friends names is Leon SO SHUT THE HELL UP YA MORONS

He's awesome

Stupidest name ever!
PS. Leon is so cute :3

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