Top 10 Stupidest Names

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121 Adolf

I am related to him

How tall was Hitler? *salutes* this tall!

Oh, gee mother am I related to Hitler?


122 Meth

May the Good Lord hear my prayer for this kid.

I met a kid with this name in an alley

I need to meet this kid


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123 Jedediah

How is this a stupid name. At least it isn't an ordinary boring name - Jed230

124 Tyson

Tyson? Like the chicken nuggets?

125 Art

That is an unlikely to pick that name

It would suck if they were bad at art

This is a RETARTED name


126 Precious

It is nice calling somebody precious!

It is just dumb

Smeagol says that in the hobbit

127 Van

Oh no I will add this to part 3 of top 10 stupidest names in the world

It is so stupid+ I have a dumb friend named that too - Joeman8000

128 Kimbra
129 Joshy

Too many joshes so why don't you make "joshy"

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130 Leon

REALLY! One of my best friends names is Leon SO SHUT THE HELL UP YA MORONS

He's awesome

Stupidest name ever!
PS. Leon is so cute :3

131 Chad

Excuse me that's my dads friend name. Chad is so cool

That is a rich kids name

My uncle's name is Chad, are you insaulting him?


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132 Quincy
133 Ray

I know someone called ray and he is so nice so stop being mean

I hope he is a country guy

My friend is rey and he is anoying


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134 Kane Kane Glenn Thomas Jacobs is an American professional wrestler, insurer, and actor. He works for WWE, and is best known by his ring name Kane. V 1 Comment
135 Andy V 2 Comments
136 Jazib V 1 Comment
137 Bubba

I call my cat bubba cause it's called bubble shut your mouth

I called my cousin that when I first learned to talk!

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138 Sharkeisha V 4 Comments
139 Moon

It is kind of majestic but they will get made fun of

Hopefully their parents last names are not shine

Who the heck would name there kids moon

I think that's a mind reading dragonet

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140 Chirp V 4 Comments
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