Top 10 Stupidest Names

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141 Oritsematosan
142 Tyler

Tyler Joseph is a cool guy so I'm gonna have to disagree - Idontknowwhyimadethisaccount

Brother of a weatherman

Tyler is a cursed name that should be first

HEY! That's my name!

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143 Danielle

I'm I love this name, I had an older friend called this and she was really nice and I miss her :( it's a really nice name

This is a cute name

144 Larry

This is my dads name and my grandpas name so back of mean comments

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145 Amelia

It is the stupidest name ever I can't think of a stupider name

Love this name

It's a fat girls name ello me names amelia

146 Nate

What's wrong with this name I know like 3 people with this name

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147 Maiki

Why must you butcher the spelling of a perfectly good name?

148 Jakara
149 Bambi

Why would someone name their child after a deer in a movie?

If their mom dies then I will freak out

I love the movie. Not the name. -_-

I shoot their mother

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150 Papadopolous

It's an absolute illiterate moron trying to say platypus.

This is an example of hatred toward your child

I know someone with this as their last name

How the hell is Kaylee worse than Papadopoulos? It sounds like a lost city of old men.

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151 Befred

Why would any one name her child befred

152 Miles

Some people think a lovely name but check the meaning in a dictionary

Nah, I like this name. It's my friends name.

153 Nani

The worst player of manchester untied - pokemonandxxxx

154 Kayleigh

Cute but way to popular

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155 Sam

My friend is called sam and he is a retard! But also hilarious

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156 Mortimer

That si just sad

157 Julie V 3 Comments
158 Zhirsty

My receptionist name is zhirsty. Really now? Your mom has no sense

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159 Frank

Frank the stank

160 Shawn V 2 Comments
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