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161 Shawn V 2 Comments
162 Dickson

Now when he is in seventh grade and someone says you are the first syllable of you name then don't come crying to me

"Ya shouldn't have done that, little brat." - xandermartin98

I know a fictional Dickson. He seemed like a nice guy at first, but he turned out to be a dick.

V 3 Comments
163 Emir

Emir is so stupid like who names their kid Aamir at first I didn't even know how to say his name and have a room I don't even know how to say names

164 Jaycob

I know a person named jacob he was in my switch group in fourth grade

V 2 Comments
165 Ezekiel
166 Buzz

Lol like my cousin nick named buzzkill

Buzz Lightyear? Still sucky.

167 Percy
168 Kori V 2 Comments
169 Dulan V 1 Comment
170 Alexis

I like this name (my friend)

171 Braylee

Naming a kid Braylee is like asking for them to be bullied

172 Nimrod

The stupidest name ever is RORY! Sounds like Scooby Doo talking... rello roorrre

173 Brogan

It sounds like Braden and Logan, but the parents couldn't make up their mins

174 Catman V 2 Comments
175 Hebrew V 1 Comment
176 Anayanisha
177 Zahra

My girl friend is named like this but it's Zara not Zahra!

V 1 Comment
178 Gean
179 Kaze
180 Jaxon

Hey my guy friend is named jackson you meanies

My brothers name is Jackson you meanies!

Spelled wrong, but I saw a Jaxckson, which I think is pronounced either jacks-claim or jaHOOIICKson.

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