Stupidest Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Episodes


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1 Poo Dunnit

Must be the Teen Titans Go characters work

The episode it's all about a stupid poop who wasn't flushed, I mean those parents banned them from going to a water park for not flushing a browny floater, and they didn't even think that the dog did it! And also what's worse is that the stupid parents didn't even care about a broken tablet or tanning cream but a unflushed floater. - RobloxBFDIPoke223

The episode looks better in Teen Titans Go

This Episode made no sense whatsoever.

2 Remote Control Control

How can one tablet change their house?

3 Santa's Little Harpers
4 Field of Brains

I didn't like this one very much because this teaches little kids that watching scary things is okay when it isn't.

5 The Quad Father

Why would a grown man dress up like a beaver just to get food?

I never liked this episode and I never will.

6 The Secret

Wow kids sharing deep secrets to each other with a loud mouth bird in the room who goes to there dads sports store where he shares it with the brain dead kids who only come there for the smoothies wow what can go wrong?

7 Valentime's Day

Hey I love this episode

8 Piggy Piggy Piggy and Dawn

This episode title should be the name of the show!

I haven't even seen this one and judging by the name I choose not to watch it.

9 The Sad Tail

I USED TO LIKE THIS SHOW BUT NOW I Hate it mainly because of the dog I how can a 16 pound dog take down a 200 pound criminal it is either there is a problem with gravity or the law force in this show is stupid

I hate sad episodes:(.

10 I Got Your Back

I hate this one.

This didn't make sense - NESSquid

I never liked this episode and I never will!

I hate this episode so much!

The Contenders

11 Urban Legend Outfitters
12 Quad-ventures in Babysitting

It just doesn't have a good premise. I mean, I haven't known the quads for very long but I know them well enough to know that instead of trying to get that Josie girl to be their babysitter, so they didn't have to be babysat by Tanya, they would try to convince their parents to let them stay home alone. Also, the crinkling bone problem was cringe worthy to listen to, as well as the punch at the family reunion, and the raft fart joke at the end was as well. Overall, I hate this episode. Stick with other episodes which are much better than this one.

13 Unhappy Campers

It was great episode with Mackenzie Ziegler

14 Family Matters

How dare they steal the name of an awesome T.V. sitcom!

It's awesome Jenga pretzel it's the awesome episode ever

15 No Ifs Ands or But-Ers
16 I Want Candace

I hate this episode because dawn didn't deserve to meet Candace Parker by the way she acted to her brothers

17 Quadcodile Dundee

It's so stupid

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