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41 Coulrophobia - (The fear of clowns)

Like, why would anybody be afraid of clowns? They are hilarious! When I see a clown, I can't help but laugh at them and hope to see some silly tricks. - Daviddv0601

42 Ophidiophobia (fear of snakes)

This is completely reasonable for some people!

I think there scary because some are venomous and you don't know which are venomous or not.

I hate snakes.

*hate... - GirlyAnimeLover

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43 Judeophobia (the fear of jews)

I think Adolf Hitler had this.

Cartman might have this too

This is what Hitler had

What is Jews? Never heard of it... - GirlyAnimeLover

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44 Thanatophobia (fear of death)

I have this. Scariest feeling in the world

This is one of my phobias - blst0033

I have this one.

Did you know that most Religions were created out of fear of death? It's stupid as hell, and a reason why I'm a protestant. Basically in the past, people were scared because they didn't know what death entailed, so they made up Religions like, 'When you die you go to Heaven.' or 'When you die you come back to live on as an animal.'

Thus, learning R.E is an easier way to learn about the way the brain works than Sociology. People don't want to believe that everything they do is for nought when the die, so petty little lies are created and twisted into 'Religion.'

It's a load of bull, especially when you realise most wars are fought over these intricate little lies woven over time.

Believe me or not, I don't really give a damn.

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45 Zelophobia (fear of jealousy)

People are just weird these days I bet that the girls are the only ones with this phobia

I bet boys have this fear too.

You're jealous that other people don't have this phobia.

46 Hydrophobia (fear of water)

This fear isn't stupid. When you're afraid of water, it means your afraid to swim. You can still drink and bath you just don't wanna swim in water.

How do you drink?

What do they drink?

Hydrophobia is more a chemical reaction in chemistry, and another term for rabies.

I think you mean Aquaphobia.

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47 Halitophobia (the fear of bad breath) V 1 Comment
48 Spectrophobia (fear of mirrors)

I used to have this fear because of a dream I had when I was younger. Dreamt that when I looked into my mirror, I became a monster or something like that. This scared me because the dream seemed so real to me and it was a lucid dream. I'm over the fear now though. - Gminus

I have this. I hate it. Like something could reach out and grab you and murder you while you brush your teeth. Its creepy and don't think its silly

Must have watched too many horror movies

I can't even look at my self I haven't seen myself in 9 years

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49 Spheksophobia (fear of wasps)

! I literately cannot stand wasps and run away. No matter how hard I try, I can't sit down and waft them away. No matter how many people tell me it's more afraid of me and like how good they are for the environment. I'm just like "No they are evil creatures sent by te Devil from hell! "

I have this to a point where I almost pee my pants when I see one.

I have this one too.

A wasp kept landing on my neck, so I fanned it away, and it stung me.
I understand why people hate these useless pests, they annoy you just so they can sting you. - SmolBean

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50 Ommetaphobia or ommatophobia (fear of eyes)

I heard a kid has this and he dug his eyes out with a spoon

Fear of the illuminati

This one is just plain weird

How would you look at this to diagnose yourself if you hated your eyes(and had probably already dug them out)

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51 Anglophobia (fear of england)

It would suck to watch many animes or even have British decent then..

Believe me this is true, I read about it in the science museum.

I'm a Paddy I have this


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52 Equinophobia (fear of horses)

I'm happy I don't have equinophobia, because I would die! I love horses so much and I own some! Good thing I don't have that! I would ruin my life and other's equestrian's lives

I have this. I've always been terrified of horses my whole life, strangely enough I grew up around them. An unpredictable two faced back stabbing creature!

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