Top 10 Stupidest Places to Rob

Before i say anything please do NOT rob any store its illegal and might get you thrown in Jail but anyway these are the places that robbing wouldn't be a Good Idea

The Top Ten

A Military Base

Unless you are living in the Grand Theft Auto universe, it's very unlikely you could succeed in stealing anything from there.

But it won't matter if it's a French base, they will fly their white flag just before you enter. - StephanTheIdiot

Unless you have your own army this is impossible - christangrant

That's literally the stupidest thing to do - PeeledBanana

A Police Station

That will go very well trust me its not like the entire Police Force is working there - christangrant

TRUE STORY: A man in China stole a woman's purse. He tried to run away as she chased him, and he ran into a police station - TwilightKitsune

Ha you gonna a get in trouble big trouble ha I am telling the police 👮

A Gun Store

Robbing this will not be easy the guy behind the counter will at least have a pistol at most a Machine Gun oh and plus other people in store may have guns as well - christangrant

The fact you're trying to rob this place implies you don't own a firearm, which makes it an even more stupid place to rob.

"It's hard to rob a gun store, they got guns." - cjWriter1997

Not like you can just grab a gun and start shooting it right away anyway... trigger locks!

A Public Restroom

Well, I guess you can get a few bucks from the toilet lady... actually, if using it costs 50 cents, there will be a bit of cash in the evening. And they won't be prepared for it. Just... don't expect to be rich afterwards. - Martin_Canine

An Abandoned Building

Nothing to steal so why - christangrant

The White House

You would be smitten by donald trump's face

The question is 'How would you enter inside it in the first place'? - Inert

You'll get sniped before you'll be able to even pull your gun out - Mcgillacuddy

This should obviously be first

A Homeless Shelter

It would be easy but you would only get like 5 dollars - christangrant

That's just screwed up - PeeledBanana

A Prison

Say hello to your new home if you rob this place

That'd be so stupid...

A Courthouse
A School

Haha no that would not work

What can you possibly steal from a school? - TwilightKitsune

The Contenders

The Pentagon


A Church

Unless you want several copies of the Bible, this would be a waste of time.

A Charity Shop

Stealing from charity shops is essentially taking money away from the charities, as they won't be able to make as much profit from sales. It's hard to get much lower than this. - Entranced98

That's pretty screwed up - PeeledBanana

A Retail Store
A Ruin

A. There's hardly anything to rob and B. There's hardly anywhere to hide

A Comic Store

Just why

What’s the point

A Hotel

One how can you rob a Hotel.

Two there is like 50 to 70 people.

Three cameras

four securaty is EVERYWHERE

The FBI Headquarters

Any last words? *sigh*

An Animal Shelter


A Library

I remember reading a book series called "Funny Boy" by Dan Gutman while I was little. In the first book (I think) a guy actually tried to rob a library. A LIBRARY!

An Airport
A Jewelry Store

Yeah I Think There's Somthing Called A Alarm

A Porn Shop

... do I haveê to say why?

Your Own House

You will gain nothing...

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