Top Ten Stupidest Pokemon

The Pokemon that look the dumbest and act the stupidest.

The Top Ten

1 Magikarp Magikarp Pokemon. Orange fish with whiskers resembled by only one hair. Water type. Evolves to Gyarados at level 20.

All hail magikarp for being able to beat all the legendaries at once with his ultimate move splash

Magikarp can't do anything except flop and jump!
Its super dumb!

Gyrados is cool.. But magikarp? Wasting time to catch it just catch gyrados..Z..


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2 Zubat Zubat

Zubat is the WORST! Useless to capture, weak in battle, but it has that attack ' SUPERSONIC! You fight 10 million of these jerks every time you enter a cave, and every single time they confuse your leading Pokemon, causing endless battles as your Pokemon hurts itself and Zubat whittles down its strength with tackle or growl.

Zubat is so stupid! Can't learn many good moves until he is fully evolved but fully evolving it can be hard for certain people.

I don't know why they think it's okay to keep putting Zubat in the new games. We've already caught it, in like every other predecessor, why would we care about catching it in the eighth game we see it?

Too bad you bad zubat! Zubat do bad Zubat!

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3 Jynx Jynx

When I was younger I hated this and Mr. Mime so much I got a card of jynx one time and ripped it. Ita so god damn ugly

We don't have enough of those stupid overpowered Psychic-types. We need another one. Hey, I have an idea! Let's make it both racist and sexist!


Ugh, tell me about it. Absol is much better than this piece of trubbish. - Absolite

Pokemon that look like people are mostly all pointless and weird looking, hands down the coolest pokemon are based on real animals.

I hate this ugly piece of crap so much. I wanna make them go extinct!

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4 Pikachu

You people are totally wrong because pikachu is awesome oh and he's really cute

Pikachu is advertised as the strongest Pokemon in the cartoons but that is a load of bull. Lets get serious, it can't take down a steelix, it will never take down a jynx and you can be god damn sure that it won't be able to last a second against a dialga. When I first got Pokemon I wanted a Pikachu so badly that I sacrificed almost everything to get to it money, Pokemon etc. I thought it would be the very best likeno Pokemon every was. See what I did there. But I was so wrong, the fact is it can't last a second in battle and that's why this Pokemon sucks.

Well there is a reason I find it kinda annoying that every time ash finds a rival and the rival just got a new starter from the Professor, here comes Ash "I challenge you" he throws out pikachu and pikachu ha a draw or loses! We all know that any of ash's Pokemon would be able to beat it. But no... Pikachu could never beat a new starter Pokemon! It's SO FUSTRATING!

I love pikachu and all but it gets too much attention. What about mew? Does it EVER get attention? NOPE

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5 Weedle Weedle

I just agreed with this one to comment. Weedle may have crappy stats, but compared to Caterpie, it knows poison sting. Yeah. What does Caterpie know? Tackle? Imagine a caterpillar tackling ANYTHING! You touch a Weedle, you're poisoned and you slowly die. Besides, it evolves eventually into Beedrill. It may have crappy stats/moves, but it looks so cool that it's one of my personal favorites.

Worse than Caterpie when you need to battle one because Caterpie can't poison you, Weedle has got to be at least the stupidest bug Pokémon ever. First of all it's ugly. Secondly, it's weak, and it's favorite thing to do is poison you. Last but not least, you probably hate this thing! - turtwig

Weedle can poison you while caterpie just farts through its antenna

Mega beedrill #3 most fastest mega evolution

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6 Unown

Unown is very stupid it can oly learn one move hidden power this is the worst one ever

This thing is absolutely idiotic. I have no idea why this hideous creature even exists. What am I talking about?

I'm talking about how Unown is supposed to look like the Latin Alphabet, even though it was created in Japan. You know, where characters are used instead of letters? Terrible idea. Just terrible.

1 Bad Move, bad stas, bad type, this thing blows. It also creates a highly inconvenient form of Code Writing. Even worse than Magikarp, who gets a great evolution that is severely allergic to electricity. Pursuit it to death and you are fine.

Hmm you can spell fart with this pokemon

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7 Mr. Mime

What's up with this guy? First of on my HeartGold game, I encountered a FEMALE Mr. MIME! Why's it called a Mr. Mime if it can be female? I don't understand! Second off, it's kinda creepy looking...

We need a new Pokemon... Let's just make a human which has physchic powers that can be used for basically a little mind game. - TheGamehero

Mr. Mime is basically just a human playing a clown in the circus. Pokemon are supposed to relate to real life animals besides from humans. Also, the gender ratio of Mr. Mime (emphasis on mr. ) is 50% male, 50% female. This means that half of these "misters" are females.

Ugh,I'm confused. If Mr.Mime and Jynx had a baby and it would be in a "given egg" I would close my 3ds and just lay on the floor like a Pidgey that got eaten by a Arbok and got barfed back up

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8 Goldeen

Hmm, we need a new Pokemon. Lets think up of a quick design. Oh! I know! Let's put a horn on a fish and call it original!

Pointless Pokemon even worse evolution. I don't even like Goldfish their like the slaves of the fish world absolutely useless!

Goldeen can't do anything! I don't even know why it was make, really!

In my opinion goldeen is quite pretty

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9 Meowth

You know what doesn't make sense? In the anime Team Rocket was always thinking about paychecks. Why didn't they just get Meowth to learn Pay Day?! Now instead of doing that, they are in stupid Black and White and aren't even funny anymore! What happened to "We're Blasting of Again! "?

Jessie and James have asked Meowth to learn Pay Day before, but the thing is, because Meowth walks and speaks English, he can't learn any more moves.

Meowth in team rocket is amazing and an awesome manipulator.

But seriously, black and white? Seriously?

I am a HUGE fan of the Pokemon anime, especially the villains, but what happened to the awkward, pathetic, failers, that Team Rocket used to be? Now they jetpack off instead of blasting off. Its sad.

Yeah definitely just learn Payday 2 and rob some banks. And MEOWTH is so dumb. But then again, he is smarter then Jessie and James and probably the best in there team.

I like meowth, he is somewhat strong and looks cool and has a great sense of humor he should not be on this list

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10 Metapod Metapod

There is nothing worse than fighting multiple Metapods in a row using harden over and over until they take virtually no damage.

Actually, everyone who said that it only knows harden, that's only if you catch it as a Metapod. I'm replaying Leaf Green and I caught it as a Caterpie and it of course didn't forget all its moves before evolving. Now I have an amazing Butterfree - awesomeyveltal

Metapod should be 3rd stupidest Pokemon.

I know let's have a "harden" battle. Go metapod!

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11 Luvdisc

If it had evolved into Alomomola, then it would have some point in being a Pokmon. Poor Luvdisc, it will never be loved for its disc-ness.

One of the few pokemon I think is pointless, Luvdisc has no good stats except for speed, and good speed is pointless is you don't have decent attack/sp attack/support moves to back it up. It looks both stupid and unoriginal (love heart pokemon? Sure, why not? ) and can't evolve into anything good (unlike magikarp and zubat).
Magikarp is Game Freak making fun of their own game mechanics, and I can't hate Zubat after Crobat helped me immensely thoughout Pokemon Pearl.
Both Delibird and Unown are also stupid and worse pokemon to use, but Luvdisc don't even have a point behind it.

Okay... This thing is pathetic. It gets the ability Swift Swim to pointlessly boost its somewhat passable speed while possessing awful defenses and attacking stats while learning a grand total of 2 different types of moves excluding Hidden Power (Water and Ice moves). And by the way... WHERE THE HELL IS UNOWN ON THIS LIST!

The only reason I even acknowledge this thing's existence is for the heart scales it drops.

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12 Psyduck

Psyduck is a total idiot. I don't know why I caught one. It never listens to misty.
This will always be a frustration

If he gets a major headache he can use very powerful powers, but in pokemon snap he can faint pretty easily on the river level if you hit him with o pester ball

Come on, Psyduck is funny in the anime, can learn Psychic and evolve into something cool, and here you guys are talking about all the bad things about it

I agree with it. It is a total phycopath. It's evolution into golduck is awesome.

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13 Spoink

Seriously how did they think up this pokemon? It is so stupid and it is also terrible in battle. (and by the way why isn't psyduck on this list)

If it stops jumping it dies, yet in the game cube games they show it fallinf down when it faints. Now you have to feel guilty every time you beat it because you know you just made its heart stop.

He is the funnest thing I have ever seen every time I see him he makes me piss my self but you have to love him

He is my mom... step-mom DUN DUN DUN!

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14 Koffing

What happens if Koffing actually coughs?

Explosion. Don't need to say anything else, do I?

I blows up and kills itself.

Dude... Do I Have To Talk About Weezing? It's a poison balloon that explodes and has pretty good stats...

At least offing looks happy

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15 Muk Muk

I actually like muk. In the anime he is super cute. And in real life he would be almost impossible to kill.

How can they call this an evolution to Grimer?! It's the exact same, just bigger and a darker color of purple. Everyone always complains about Garbodor, but this is a blob of slime.

But guys... I like trains

Spell his name backwards

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16 Patrat

A patrat is one of the first Pokemon you see and why would anyone catch it. Only an idiot would, or Ash.

People always say abiding are ugly...they've never seen Patrat.

It evolves into serial killer and its on steroids

Pokemon is no place for drug abuse.

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17 Snorlax

Snorlax is amazing. I love this Pokemon. How on earth is he even on this list to begin with?

Snorlax is a great Pokemon. Why is he on here on this list? He is one of my favorite tanks.


Solar beam surf bulldoze blizzards my snorlax's moves

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18 Starly

Really first pokemon you meet is a fing starkly practically he's every where. Is evolutions are way better

Whoever was the idiot who put Starly on here, what. The. Crap. Stary is a frikking start out the game pokemon. Its one of the first pokemon you catch. Its supposed to be bad. Idiot...

It's not starly that's annoying it's staravia, starly a evolution since it appears in every flipping route and having the ability intimidate just waster like 4 seconds in diamond/pearl/platinum. Screw you staravia!

What!? Have you SEEN staraptor!?

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19 Gengar Gengar Gengar, known in Japan as Gengar, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

No way I loke Gengar. He is my favorite ghost type.

Why is Gengar on here D: He's awesome, and a good reason to catch a Gastly. - awesomeyveltal

Whoever put this on the list is stoopid.

Gangar is very strong pokemon

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20 Snubbull

It's gross and stupid and it's evolution is even more awkward

Geez! If Charlie sheen was a Pokemon, it would be snubbull

The ugliest mother Pokemon ever gave us

Snubbull is a stupid bulldog who has this dumb collar. Nasty man, nasty! At least in Pokémon cards I have a grannbull that has 120 hp and does 120 damage. I makes grannbull confused though

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