Stupidest Questions from Ask Goomba

The Lonely Goomba has answered your questions in three Ask Goomba videos. Some of these questions are actually stupid. So, we're going to show the worst questions the fans of the Lonely Goomba have ever asked. Before we start, I would like to ask the Lonely Goomba a question. Here it is.
To:Lonely Goomba
What do you think of Toad?

The Top Ten

1 ZGamer217: Do you like to fart out a whole chicken when you squid the xylophone corn outside your juice museum?

What the heck?!?!

This is seen in Ask Goomba #3. Why do so many of you ask stupid questions like that? This one makes no sense.

I saw this and thought, Just what?!?! - PositronWildhawk


2 The Mario Fireball: Do you like spreading pogo sticks on your toast?

Seriously, The Mario Fireball? What do you eat? Pogo sticks? What a stupid question.

3 Fredrick Ekebro: Hey Goomba, what is the game that isn't really that bad, even though it sucks?

Octodad, because octopi have suckers.

Ok. Your question IS bad & it also sucks.

4 NFreak: Does the Earth shake because of that deep bass of your voice?
5 Farrow Fox: If you had to shag one, which would you pick out of Princess Daisy & Princess Peach?
6 Game legends 99: Hey Goomba, have you tried eating your way out of the little gap you're stuck in?

Who do you think eats pipes, huh?

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