Top 10 Stupidest Questions to Ask on a Test

If you're a teacher and you want to be more interesting, write these questions down.

The Top Ten

1 How long is your penis?

The absolute beauty of this question is almost indescribable. - Top10Turbulance

That would be ironic if the teacher who asked that tpught at all girls school.

2 If I hate you will you still get an F?

Probably because my grades are bad.

3 If Dobby dies, will Ron eat his wand?
4 Can you answer this question wrongly?

No, I can’t.

5 Can I have your number?

Well this question is number 5 on the list so 5.

Yeah, sure, it’s 1.

6 Why is this a question?

Because it has a question mark. - Metal_Treasure

Because you put it on here.

7 Are you kidding me?

Yes, definitely.


of course. - Metal_Treasure

8 Are you wearing a gun and holding a shirt?
9 If Mike WiLL Made It broke into your house, will you cry or chase him out?

Chase him out! - Entranced98

I will chase him out. Just to let
You Mike WiLL Made It is worse than Young Money. Much worse.

Besides Mike should quit - AlphaQ

10 How many days are there in a year?

12, January, February, March, April...

Still counting them... - Metal_Treasure


This actually happened when I was 14. My teacher asked this question and I replied with "There are seven days in a year."
She smirked and said "How did you come to this conclusion? "
It was worth the detention I got when I answered: "Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday..." - Britgirl

The Contenders

11 Will you marry me?

I would never marry a teacher who asked me this on a test no.

No, you’re my enemy!

12 Is true that the wall Humpty Dumpty fell off was built by Trump?

That is so funny

13 Have you drunk my coffee?

I hate coffee, its nasty so no,

No, I poured it on your head!

14 Is Voldemort's nose on his head? If yes. Why does he smell...terrible?
15 How big are your boobies?
16 What is your OTP?

OTP...Orderly Taco Preference? I like salsa and olives on my taco.

Um.. I made it OTP.

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