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1 My 11 year old brother hasn't had his first period yet. Why?

Umm... I think you and I need to have a little chat... - Britgirl

Hm. You and I, my friend, need to chat with your mother. - Catacorn

Um, okay, whoever would ask a question as counterintuitive as this one has serious issues. - RockFashionista

I dunno, maybe because...he's a boy? - Luckys

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2 Where'sthespacebar?

I just luved this item and the entire list! - HezarioSeth

You've found the apostrophe and the shift key (for the question mark) but not space? - Nonpointed

Said Rodrick Heffley from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - Gehenna

Gee, if you’re using an Apple device and you don’t know where it is, you’re in trouble. - PackFan2005

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3 When does the 9:00pm news start?

It starts at 3:AM in the year 3012, and the broadcast would say "According to Gravity Falls, the world will end this year. Time Baby, save us all! " - Skullkid755

Read the title of the news again, and this time, focus on '9:00pm'. - Pegasister12

I don't know umm 9am Someone else: NO 9PM

It's right there in the title of the news! - allamassal

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SoRry iT hAppEneD TO mE I cAn'T sToP! - Catacorn

Is just the best song - thebest2

PHHT! HAHA! - Kevinsidis

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5 Does looking at a picture of the sun hurt your eyes?

Yes it does. You'll be blind if you does - Goku02

Of course. You don't wanna go blind, do you? - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Yes! Never look at a picture of the sun or else you will be blind! - 150040

That's the reason I'm blind! - Luckys

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6 How do I take care of my pet potato?

Laugh out loud my poor potato I left it with my family and they didn't know to take care of it and it died - alyssa800900

You need to wash him off and make him a bed and feed him and water him and then he will smell bad and when he smells after a week later, then its time to throw him out. - funnyuser

Just love it like you would any other potato.

Ah, I'm glad you asked that. It's an issue most potato enthusiasts struggle with. Just make sure to change his cage regularly and feed him plenty of Skittle. I would also advise some wool because potatoes struggle if the temperature is too low. ~Topaz

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7 How can I lose weight without moving?

Amphetamines were dietpills in the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's. They were suposed to make you lose weight without making any effort ( which is the answer to your question ). Nowadays it's considered as schedule 1 or 2 drugs ( narcotic laws ). So, the answer is changed. Before, you did go ask a doctor for a prescription, now you have to buy a " drug " on the Streets. Nevertheless, exercise and eating less is still the best way to lose weight ( and yes, exercise requires moving ).

If you pee or poo you'll lose weight, no moving required!

That's such an American thing to say. And I would know because I live in the USA! USA! - RockFashionista

Use laxatives! But you may have to run to every toilet in sight - Metal_Treasure

You don’t get up to eat. But, I definitely don’t recommend doing that, so don’t take my advice! - saturatedsunrise

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8 What is the number for 911?

This question is Ambulance number or 9/11 attacks? - 05yusuf09

Laugh out loud this is so funny! - MusicalPony

I think its umm 666

911 dumbass. - DarkBoi-X

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9 How do you spell FBI?

Man, I have no idea! FBI, can you help? FBI, FBI, FBI!

Gee, I don't know. That's a toughie.

No, it's spelled Fire Butt Isn't. - funnyuser

Ef bee eye, that's how you spell it

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10 What is the right age to start teaching my dog about sex?

That is stupid and gross why would somebody teach there dog about sex

When you turn 18 or 19, I guess - Metal_Treasure

How about... Fix your dog? - 3DG20

Don’t worry, my dogs learned naturally, which is strange considering we had them spayed and neutered. Hormones I guess. - PackFan2005

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11 What is 911's phone number

Oh gosh I honestly don't know! 582, maybe? Or 296? - Goku02

But you just said it. - cosmo

Um..I think it's 1 800 In The Name.

I think it's 911... Wait! no... that can't be right! I think it's... 111... Yeah! That's it! - FuffleyandPeetah

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12 If its open 7 days a week does it mean its open everyday

Nope. It means the shopkeeper is wearing a blue tie. - Goku02

No, it means a potato monster apocalypse is happening inside the building - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

No. There's 29 days in a week.

No, it doesn’t. It’s only open 7 days, and it is closed 10 days. Weeks have 17 days! Didn’t you know that? - saturatedsunrise

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13 Who am I?

A person or unless you're the first ever unicorn! Show me that roar! - funnyuser

Well, that's a hard question. - Goku02

You are who you are, unless you aren't, in which case you wouldn't have existed in he first place to ask such a dumb question.

An amnesiac... - Kevinsidis

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14 Can't you put it out with gasoline?

And wait for it... Wait for it... KABLAM! - PositronWildhawk

"I mean it's just water right"

Unless you want to die.. - PackFan2005

I think there’s a flaw in my code. - saturatedsunrise

15 How many calories are in a booger?

Are you poor and you need to eat your boogers? Probably around 2. - funnyuser

I went on an all-booger diet last month. I ended up losing my pancreas as well as my wife.

Well if you want to know so much, try it and see? - PackFan2005


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16 Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?

Did you know that Rhinos are actually fat unicorns?

No, idiot. Go back and read marine biology books.

Did you know that chickens are gay birds

No they're not. I have chickens and our roosters aren't gay; they mate with the hens. - Copenhagen

Did you know that ostriches are birds? - Userguy44

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17 What is Obama's last name?

Oh my god I laughed my ASS off at this one!

His last name is Barack. Yeah Obama Barack. - Catacorn

Geez dummies, his name is BARACK OBAMA (Obama is his surname i.e. his last name for those who don't even know that).

Trump? - Userguy44

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18 Surely the internet experts will tell me if my password's safe?

Yeah, just tell them it.

19 Why does my d*** smell like ham?

Oh for gods sake. You've just put me off ham. - IronSabbathPriest

I sure am glad I'm a little bit used to stuff like this (because of how much my friends say disturbing things like this). I might never eat ham again if I wasn't - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

I'm never eating ham again.

Just break up with your girlfriend. - WheresMyGuitarPick

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20 Is my birthday on the same day I was born?

It's called a birthday for a REASON! - RockFashionista

No, you dumbass! It's on the same day that your neighbour first went to school! - Goku02

Um... *laughs hysterically and coughs* *almost chokes* That really did happen.

Of course not, because I was born on July 6th, but according to everyone, my birthday is September 18. Strange, isn’t it? - saturatedsunrise

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21 Are Oreos a symbol of racial harmony?

They are symbols of interracial threesomes.

That's a good one. - IronSabbathPriest

Sorry, an Oreo only has two colors. - PackFan2005

They are just chocolate biscuits which came to UK in 2008.

22 Why is my sperm so powerful?

Haha Can you imagine this at the dinner table?

"You're looking very pensive darling... What's on your mind? "

"Well... I was just wondering..." - Britgirl

Maybe listening to DragonForce when you jack off has something to do with it

Perverted moron

23 Was Adolf Hitler a good person?

Yes he helped a lot of babies and had a lovely wife and them he died from a panic attack. - funnyuser

Yes, don't you know how much he donated to charity to help orphans? - Goku02

Yeah. He saved Earth from an alien invasion - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Um, I used to think he was a good person, that was till the 4th grade though. - Luckys

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24 So, the emergency line don't take jokes, then?
25 Why doesn't Justin Beaver eat wood?

Because he is incompetent. He can't singing and he can't eating wood! BAD BEAVER! - 05yusuf09

Because he prefers steel. - Goku02

Dustbin Beaver - PeeledBanana

Bustin Jeaver. - Userguy44

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26 If I eat myself, do I double in size, or disappear?

You stay the same size but look a lot more... Dead. - AnonymousChick

This one really cracked me up - Metal_Treasure

Good question... no

Too far, man... - FuffleyandPeetah

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27 Was I supposed to CALL the doctor?

No, you were supposed to eat him.

28 How do you fart?

Eat sprouts and beans for lunch

Put your butt into the billy's face and then proof! You have fart - JaysTop10List

Britgirl. You added this? Anyway, just eat a lot of unhealthy food. - Userguy44 beans.

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29 Allergic means you can't have them?

Yeah if you see something that says allergic, you can't have it - JaysTop10List

You could make yourself sick man

Nope! If you’re allergic to something, that means you need it, or you will die! - saturatedsunrise

30 what anime is Hatsune Miku from?

She's either from Cory in the House or Naruto. - Catacorn

Um have you looked up miku recently?

I think she's from iCarly... Something like that! - FuffleyandPeetah

The Bee Movie? - MrCoolC

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31 If I have five pencils and six pieces of candy, how many pancakes fell on the roof?

I laughed so hard I almost peed for this one! By the way, the answer is lamppost, because bathroom doors are outlawed.

Answer: Purple, because aliens don't wear hats anymore. - WonkeyDude98

Well, 7, because it's raining today and my cousin doesn't have to go to school. - Goku02

It is belived to be 5 puppies and 44 cookies but there is no scientific evidence. I would say... blue fish.

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32 Do you mind if I turn up late?


33 Where can you be stupid?

Everywhere, no limits. - Metal_Treasure

Here, apparently - Brobusky

On your comment.

Not until 4. - Catacorn

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34 What's 9 + 10?

It's 910.

35 My brother looks like Justin Bieber. Does that make him gay?


yes - SilverstreamSucks

36 What is this list about?

This question is the stupidest question surely?

Killing time - Metal_Treasure

37 Can't you give a brain transplant?

Yes, but only because you need one so badly

I hope so, because believe me, you need one!

Defiantly has no brain. - gemcloben

38 My printer won't print gifs properly?

What if I told you that the Feds have had the ability to print gifs for a while now and have just been hiding it from us? - Gg2000

Poor you, your printer must be faulty. Is it under guarantee? - Goku02

Have you tried Gringotts Bank? They might sell the ink you need.

39 What is a cat?

Well, a cat is a dog, apparently. - Goku02

Ha, he is Garfield! - 05yusuf09

Meow. Ring a bell?

You - MrCoolC

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40 How do you ask a question?

Easy. First, go to the other end of the world. Then. find a 83-year-old beetle on the back of a 397-year-old crocodile. Then, roast it. The, put it in a volcano. Then, put a unicorn's horn in there. Then, walk on your hands 296 kilometers. Then find Jack the Ripper's grave and say hi. - Goku02

Like that

Like that.

41 What is a question?

A question is something that ends in a question mark. - Catacorn

Why do you ask? - Britgirl

The thing I'm answering to.

A question is a question - FuffleyandPeetah

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42 Can you sing the hsjsbwuakkans song?

œ�the hsjbwuakkans song✨ There, sung it.

43 Can I ask you a question?


44 Are you asleep?

Goodnight, pet Potato, I hate you, see you at 3:00. When am I supposed to meet you?

Yes I am. I'm deep asleep right now. - Goku02

Yep. I've been asleep for the past 200 years - FuffleyandPeetah

Yes, now don’t talk to me, I’m sleeping! - saturatedsunrise

45 Is this a question?

No. "This" is a four-letter word. - Britgirl

No. - 3DG20

46 Is mayonnaise an instrument? Is mayonnaise an instrument?

No Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument.

No, but the jar is! - MrCoolC

47 How do you turn your desktop into a mirror, I tried scanning a mirror but it didn't work.

I Saw this question on a Q and A site, it just made me laugh.

48 Is it because I'm (type of race)?

Why do some people ask that? Are they afraid some people hate them because of their race? Not everybody's racist.

49 How do you breathe?

Well, I don't know, it's very hard. I can't do it, can you? - Goku02

Are you a zombie!?

You don't know how to breathe? How are you alive? - TheFourthWorld

Funny everybody knows

50 Would you rather be stuck in Kim Jongs Un's stomach or be a part in the sinking of the Titanic?

I'd be the guy on the Titanic who got drunk and survived. - IronSabbathPriest

If you were a part of the boat,u would not be alive in the first place so the boat

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