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21 Why does my d*** smell like ham?

I sure am glad I'm a little bit used to stuff like this (because of how much my friends say disturbing things like this). I might never eat ham again if I wasn't - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

Oh man. I'm never eating or smelling ham again. - Catacorn

Oh for gods sake. You've just put me off ham. - IronSabbathPriest

Oh my god, I'm never eating ham again...

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22 Are Oreos a symbol of racial harmony?

They are symbols of interracial threesomes.

That's a good one. - IronSabbathPriest

23 So, the emergency line don't take jokes, then?
24 Was Adolf Hitler a good person?

Yes he helped a lot of babies and had a lovely wife and them he died from a panic attack. - funnyuser

Yes, don't you know how much he donated to charity to help orphans? - Goku02

Yeah. He saved Earth from an alien invasion - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

No. - PeeledBanana

25 Was I supposed to CALL the doctor?

No, you were supposed to eat him.

No stupid, you're supposed to marry him! - FireWasp2004

26 Why doesn't Justin Beaver eat wood?

Because he is incompetent. He can't singing and he can't eating wood! BAD BEAVER! - 05yusuf09

Because he prefers steel. - Goku02

Dustbin Beaver - PeeledBanana

I DINT KNOW! I think about dis all the time. He is just as smart and nice as one, do why don't he eat wood?

27 If I eat myself, do I double in size, or disappear?

You stay the same size but look a lot more... Dead. - AnonymousChick

Good question... no

Good question! - Goku02

28 How do you fart?

Eat sprouts and beans for lunch

Put your butt into the billy's face and then proof! You have fart - JaysTop10List

Watch Nyan Cat for 10 hours, you'll get the memo. - Catacorn

Eat mcdonalds - PeeledBanana

29 Allergic means you can't have them?

Yeah if you see something that says allergic, you can't have it - JaysTop10List

30 what anime is Hatsune Miku from?

She's either from Cory in the House or Naruto. - Catacorn

Um have you looked up miku recently?

Corey in the House I'm pretty sure - Brobusky

And now this kids, is how you trigger an angry mob of weeaboos - PeeledBanana

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31 Do you mind if I turn up late?
32 Where can you be stupid?

Everywhere, no limits. - Metal_Treasure

Here, apparently - Brobusky


Not until 4. - Catacorn

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33 My brother looks like Justin Bieber. Does that make him gay?


34 What is this list about?

This question is the stupidest question surely?

35 Can't you give a brain transplant?

Yes, but only because you need one so badly

I hope so, because believe me, you need one!

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36 How do you ask a question?

Easy. First, go to the other end of the world. Then. find a 83-year-old beetle on the back of a 397-year-old crocodile. Then, roast it. The, put it in a volcano. Then, put a unicorn's horn in there. Then, walk on your hands 296 kilometers. Then find Jack the Ripper's grave and say hi. - Goku02

Like that

Like that.

37 What is a Question?

A question is something that ends in a question mark. - Catacorn

Why do you ask? - Britgirl

The thing I'm answering to.

I think it's an answer. - Goku02

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38 Can you sing the hsjsbwuakkans song?

œ�the hsjbwuakkans song✨ There, sung it.

39 If I have five pencils and six pieces of candy, how many pancakes fell on the roof?

I laughed so hard I almost peed for this one! By the way, the answer is lamppost, because bathroom doors are outlawed.

Answer: Purple, because aliens don't wear hats anymore. - WonkeyDude98

Well, 7, because it's raining today and my cousin doesn't have to go to school. - Goku02

This looks like something for the random sentences list.

40 Can I ask you a question?


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